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The performance from the voice actors is possibly the most stand-out element of this kinetic novel as nearly every character is well cast and delivering an excellent performance. It was easy to see the work put into making this novel a pleasant audio experience. Some story threads remaining unsolved felt a little unsatisfying, but I enjoyed getting immersed in the tail of this tragic duo. 


I am so pleased someone recognized the sound design for Wolfskin's Curse! I love my sound effects, and the team made sure that the voice acting, mastering and line cutting was as close as perfect to possible. All music tracks have also been mixed and mastered, too. 

After art direction, I think the audio direction was the other component that was given the most priority. Thank you very much for noticing that! 

I understand that the open-ended nature of the mystery story may be dissatisfying but thank you for letting me know. I'd like to release a more complete version of this at some point!