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Replied to Dasius in Bug Reports

dasius you should make wooden tool handles in the scroll

so I don't need geoffery

Replied to Kurzidan in Bug Reports

I also found out you can left click, then while holding left click, hit right click, and then you can take the items, like from a horse cart this works

Posted in Bug Reports

when i buy stuff at the actual shop, like the wooden stuff, after i leave the items get frozen in the box after i open it, and the price on the crate is wrong

Posted in Suggestion Box

on the furnace, you should make the number of ores inside it.

also, are you adding something with the rock percentage, or did i miss something?

Posted in Suggestion Box

a few ideas for the horse cart/ mining

-instead of guiding it, click the horse to go from house to mines     

-make the door on the back of the cart open up

-make it where you can equip a lantern in the 4th slot to see

Posted in Bug Reports

In my horse cart, it will bug out and fly. when i get out, i can no longer jump. restarting didnt do it, and i dont know what else to try. i cant play anymore until this is fixed

Replied to slipcor in Bug Reports

Thanks! This really helped, but I wish I could get my save game back/ have multiple save files

Posted in Bug Reports

starting on march 24, whenever i run my game, the graphics are extremely bad. i deleted the save file i have ben working on the past long while, but nothing changed and now all my hard work is gone. Is there any way to solve this?

how do you get the easter egg ending?

Posted in Dumbness

thanks a lot!!

Created a new topic Dumbness

can someone tell me how to open this? I feel like I'm being dumb, but I'm new to itch.io