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I just want to chime in that FBX import would be useful to me. Hopefully whatever it takes to get exporting will allow importing as well. I want to import FBX characters with animation and render in Flowscape. If Flowscape can do both it will be an amazingly useful little tool indeed!

Ah, I know now, I mean the light flares. I was looking at a moonlit night, where the effect isn't as intrusive. I guess it would be nice to not have the moon and sun show, yet still light the scene with them.

Oh gosh, sun shafts, I am dense. 

I don't know if there is a way as of yet, but for compositing with other images or footage, it would be nice to get a more base render.

I would rate an ocean that had dynamic foam and could make objects float up there on what would be useful to me personally. 

Yes, indeed it is. It actually got me rethinking how I work, so now I am planning to use this in conjunction with Hitfilm and rely on that more for big layered scene building, along with iClone, of course, but that way iClone can be more simple and svelte. Anyhow, I love where this little 'game' is going, where it is already really. Even if it never gives me full HDRI renders ;) I'll survive.

Actually I don't need an HDRI per se, what I leed is that 360 degree image of the veiw, which you might be generating for VR, I dunno anything about all of that, but it just needs to be a texture that works with iClone's sky dome. This is an example of the aspect that it requires.

Ah, that works! Thanks!

FlowScape community · Created a new topic Green Screen?

I don't know if it is possible to add a big green billboard to use as a green screen. I'm guessing a skydome would mess with the IBL lighting.  But the ability to make a green screen  would make compositing elements from FlowScape more flexible.

FlowScape community · Created a new topic HDRI screenshots?

I have no idea if this is possible, but for using your backdrops in other apps, getting the lighting right, it would be great to be able to make HDRIs inside Flowscape.

:) Sure, I totally agree.

I just wanted to say I figured out I could record a video of my screen using Windows Game Bar, so unless that is low hanging fruit, I think screen capture options will probably do just fine.

It would be great if you could animate a path through a scene and render it to video.

I just bought last night, I'd love exports too, to FBX would be great. I hope that becomes possible.