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Hello Janna,  I think having dedicated working meetings outside of class time is a very important factor in organizing and actually getting work done for this project. From my experience having these outside meetings is where I get my most efficient work done, as well as it gives avenues to discuss different design topics, as well as where you want to take this project. Also has a sense of accountability as coming to a meeting empty-handed without working on something feels pretty bad so it's an extra encouraging factor for group members to get the work done.

Hello Lucas! It seems like you have a very efficient pipeline when it comes to work, when you should get work done and the best possible avenue to proceed with that work. I can completely agree with the effectiveness of the weekly team meetings and not wanting to be the only one that has to show up and say I couldn't get work done. It definitely is an alternate motivator. Scheduling is also another great way to denote when work should be done and is something I probably should do as an avid procrastinator myself.

Hey I think you're redesigning and adding a hook is a very interesting one. Being able to Gene splice to aliens together can allow for very interesting and dynamic gameplay as players could choose between what aliens they want to splice together to Output the most value. What I saw your paper prototype in person it was well thought out game and would be interesting to pursue further overall congrats on adding a hook.

Hey Sarah I think your game idea is a very interesting take on a visual novel Style game. with the glitch effect being unrevealed and having more of the area to search around can be a very novel concept when it comes to puzzle solving or knowledge exploration. I enjoyed your paper prototype as it was very colorful and well organized.

Hey Ethan it seems like you have a good grasp on what you wanted to pitch as in terms of your game and how you want to structure your team to make a successful project moving forward. I think having at least two people with overarching rolls is a very good thing when it comes to building your project as it allows creatives to have a partner to discuss issues or creative differences or you know brainstorming sessions are a lot more effective with that

Hello Amy! There's definitely a lot of topics when it comes to cyber security as it is a fairly big overarching word. Where is definitely a large Direction that you could take when it comes to tackling cyber security. I think there'd be a few interesting angles in which you could showcase this to the player. One it could be from the hackers perspective in which it showcases and teaches the player the steps and the mindset that hackers use in order to break into these companies or institutions. The morals that come with these attacks. Or you could view it from the companies or institutions and try to put in measures to defend from these sorts of cyber attacks and what are the steps to actually combat that. I think cyber security is a very interesting topic to explore in the video game space and I'm excited to see what you cook up.

Hello Lucas! You have a really interesting angle when it comes to the design practice. As I know a lot of people in our generation have that same situation happen to us where we go on a massive YouTube shorts, tiktok, Instagram scrolling spree. After you're finished, nothing about the content you just consumed ever sticks with you. So having a deep dive game analyzing and showcasing this could be very interesting. I already like your ideas on dopamine being a sort of currency or statistic that you have to manage. I also like to see you explore possible solutions on how to better use your time or stop using these types of social media platforms. Either way it's definitely an interesting angle to take on this topic and even more so on your ideas.

Hey Ethan! you have a very unique and interesting angle when it comes to approaching this project. It's interesting to see your experience with first aid and wanting to explore it's effects and teach people some basic information. I think a video game that teaches players basic information about first aid can be very useful to a variety of people. I can see a lot of the time basic information and understanding of certain situations is the factor between saving a life and not. So building a game project around teaching people these simple techniques I think could benefit a lot of people and alongside that have interesting game mechanics in order to engage players to actually learn and develop these skills.