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Yo thanks so much! <3

Yo thanks so much for taking the time to play the game! :D

Thank you so much! :D

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Yo thanks so much for playing and uploading!

Thank you kindly! :D

thank you so much! 😍

Thanks Terry! Hope you're well mate. :)

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Lovely work Marianne. :)

Yo thanks a lot! :D

Thanks so much for the video! We've got plans for a bigger world in the works! :)

- Meow meow meow

Thanks so much for the kind words, tell your friends! <3

- Meow meow meow

Thank you so much for the kind words! All the embroidery was handmade by Camille and thrown into a game engine. :)

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So awesome Terry! Would love to provide art for one of your games one day.

Thank you kindly! :D

Thank you so much, tell your cat friends!

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Thank you so much, tell your friends! :D

- Meow meow

Ah thank you so much! Me and Camille have some plans for a few updates in the near future, tell your friends! 🥰

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Big fan of your work Ken! Would love to see you post more experimental designs here on

This is so awesome to go back and play! What a brilliant game jam gam!

Aw thank you so much, we should hopefully have some feature updates soon to make the game a little more exciting! Cheers for playing. :)

- meow meow 

Oh wow! Thank you so much for playing! We'll hopefully have some more updates and features on the game in the near future. :D

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Yo web build is live now, also keep an eye out for future updates. There should be some new features coming soon! :)

Hey sorry about this, I'm currently working on getting the webGL build up and running. Having some issues with a Unity bug only when building to webGL. I've taken the shell web build down to avoid confusion for now but you can always check out the Windows build if you're still keen in the meantime. I'll give you a nudge when the web build goes live! :)

- Meow meow

So sick, highly recommended! :)

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The 3rd instalment of the Hardcore Punk Jam is running next month.

You're very welcome.

Thank you for entering in the jam, so interesting to see a non digital game submitted! :)

Thank you for entering in the jam, loved the skateboarding! :)

Thank you for entering in the jam!

Thank you for entering in the jam, this is great and super thought provoking! :)

Thank you for making this - very thought provoking and poignant!

Thanks! :)

Neat little game man. :)