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Hi John,  thanks a loot for a feedback and taking the time to play this and every other game! This is quite a moral boost, looking forward to future jams, Best regards

Thanks a lot, definitely a reason more for me to do an update and bugfix after the game jam 

Hi Mate, thanks, yea initially i wanted to create an option panel for music and mouse speed, however since i didn't create an ambient music, panel went back to low priority :) I haven't yet encountered that bug, but found few minor ones... once i get enough feedback plan to update the game and share this project on git.     

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Thanks alot, I was working on a small animated intro for story inspired by a  "Cyanide & Happiness" cartoon on youtube, however simply didn't have enough  time to finish it ( i haven't done that before so it was more than i could bite ). But for the next jam i will try to find a team for the first time and split some load. 

thank you

Thanks, i like the idea of colonizing islands too.

I definitely will try to polish these things after jam is done and learn form it, thanks for the feedback 

This looks so cute and polish, great work and +1 to the Artist :)

Thanks, I will give it a try, hopefully will collect enough feedback and suggestions to update it in the right direction.

Hello, thank you for the feedback, looks like I failed the  tutorial level, definitely something for me to research more . The ticking clock once it reach the full circle it will spawn an asteroid aiming for spot where the cursor / clock was,  so cursor can then be moved to aim the next one before next one is spawned.  There is also wind that will offset the asteroid slightly so you need to aim accordingly (take a look into cloud movement) 

Thank you for the feedback, seems that I failed the tutorial after all :) but will definitely update the description. So the clock is ticking and each time it reset the asteroid will spawn and go for location where the cursor was at that time + some wind offset on upper levels.

Hello, this is my submission: "all humans sux" , an action game where you have to stop colonization of your planes ... and save some trees.

Thanks, I noticed the game is actually hard  to play when my GF tried to land on a carrier. Didn't think of that as i was a Wing commander fan back in 90s , but will definitely had that in mind for future projects. 

Thanks for trying it,  looking forward  to next jam that would give me a chance to do something with aircraft again. 

I especially like the art style of racing tracks, I was expecting something old lotus pc game, but was not disappointed. Good work.

That cover image was a win for me, simply had to see what is it about. 

Definitely a game to try

Very nice graphics, would be nice  to see a spinoff of this game with gameplay style  more of  "an old pc game : "chaos engine" 

Thank you all for feedback, 
i have just uploaded the code and assets  with minor bug fixes and cleanup on a GitHub in case somebody is interested in how it works.  ( link is next to install instructions )