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Could you please upload the complete file for Blackout? That one never got a complete PDF.

Any update on the printer friendly version?

Any updates on those stretch goals for this zine?

This is really excellent!

BLACKOUT community · Created a new topic Mass file?

Any chance to get it all in one mass file like Reivdene had?

This is perfect. Excellent work!

I just ran my first ever session of Mausritter (ran this scenario as a one shot) and it was an absolute blast to play. So easy to run. Lots of adventure, but we didn't have a single combat! 

I'm eager for more. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to run The Estate sometime soon.

I just ran my first ever game of Mausritter. Ran this as a one shot. It was immensely fun! Delightful concept. The way the 3 factions are set up is great. They were super easy for me to understand and run as the GM. It was interesting for the players as they were able to interact with them and make deals. Had lots of adventure, but not even one combat! 

Overall, greatly pleased with this adventure. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to run Mausritter.

It just now occurred to me to see who the winners were. Congratulations to the winners!

Yeah I definitely don't propose that it's higher quality (especially higher than Lulu, who I think makes excellent prints). Just wanted to mention it as an option. 

I ended up writing a faction. I had a spark of an idea for one that I thought would be fun, so it's out there for all to check out.

I just wanted to throw this out there for anyone in the United States. While I haven't used them to print Heroes of Adventure, I've been really pleased with I've printed out a couple of different RPGs with them. Very affordable and quick turnaround!

Awesome! Just picked up the new one. On the page for the new one, it mentions the possibility of a print run. Did this first one ever get a print one, out of curiosity? If so, is it still available? 

I'm not sure! I have a few ideas. I'm definitely leaning towards writing an adventure. But as to what that will be or how complex it will be, that's anyone's guess. I did get my copy of Tome of Adventure Design today, so I'm excited to see of that gives me any ideas! 

I started playing in 2021. Began with watching Critical Role. Then I got VERY into D&D, very quickly. Played a few ttrpgs since then, and have amassed a decent collection of books. Been fun! 

It was a pleasure to be a part of this. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Thank you so much for putting this out under a creative commons license! That is so generous. I used some of your spells (with attribution!) for a Bard class I wrote for The Black Hack 2e. I love that so many of the spells are built as interesting tools rather than magical weapons.

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I just want to say thanks again for this fantastic spell list. I used many of them (with attribution!) for a Druid class I wrote for The Black Hack 2e. They brought so much flavor! I love that the spells aren't really damage based.

I also threw a couple dollars your way as a thank you. 

I am also very interested to hear about a print copy.

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Any news about the stretch goal bonus Gods?


Ooooh. I'm looking forward to the print version. I'm hoping to get my wife to play with me (she hasn't had any interest in games like D&D, but she loves Animal Crossing).

This is delightful.

My only constructive criticism is that I would like a one click button to close all the pop-up windows after each run. Or maybe it's there and I missed it? I dunno.

My group finished playing this tonight. Took us 2 sessions. We used a system called Dark Streets and Darker Secrets, which worked very well. We had a lot of fun and I'd totally recommend this adventure!

The adventure can go a number of different directions, depending on what choices the players make. I think it will have great replay value.

I would recommend playing it as a one-shot (as we did). It may be quite difficult to get all the PCs out alive from this scenario (3/4 of our PCs died in the end). 

The fact that you made this colorblind friendly makes me so grateful. Wonderful tool.

Is this still in development?

Beautiful product for a lovely cause! I don't even own Lighthearted yet (I will before long) but I had to buy this and I'm glad I did. I've never seen an RPG adventure like it. As someone who struggles with depression, I deeply appreciate the creator's willingness to handle such weighty subjects. Thank you!

My one bit of feedback is that Millie is referred to in the text as a she, but has they/them pronouns listed. I would recommend choosing one or the other, personally. Not a big problem though. It's easy for a GM to choose.

Got mine yesterday! It's great. Thanks!

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My group played through this game over a couple of sessions (could easily have gone longer). It was an absolute blast! Our first foray into GMless games. Never had to wonder what to do. There's always something interesting happening for you to interact with. 

It does take a VERY different mindset to play than D&D. So be aware of that if you come from D&D or similar games. But give it a chance and I'm sure your group will love it!

Also, I'm now using Starflung Missives from the bonus material for a letter writing game with my penpal. Lots of fun! 

I played through this over the last week. Took 5 or 6 sessions. I loved it. I wrote a 5000+ word story of a ship. It took twists and turns I'd never have invented on my own. The story prompts were very inspiring (especially those in the Bonus Content). I loved writing a story from the perspective of an object within the space. I'm going to have to play Artefact soon!

Does this game require a GM? How many players would work for it?

Really excellent bunch of tables. Super useable.

Congratulations on hitting the 2k!

This is so high quality. And to release it under Creative Commons? Very generous. Thank you!

That sounds like a blast. 

Thanks for answering! I'm definitely going to buy this at some point. Just a matter of when.

Good question! I don't have a ton of experience, but I've encountered a few interesting ones that I'm happy to relay. Wonder and Wickedness looks pretty cool. Hamsterish Hoard of Hexes does as well. I recently found this bizarrely named one here on itch (and it's free). Lastly, there's an RPG called Knave that has an optional list of 100 levelless spells.

How many sessions do you think this might last the average group? Is this a one-shot deal, a lengthy campaign, somewhere in between?

Levelless Cleric system? This is brilliant. Definitely a niche that needs to be filled. There's a lot of levelless wizard stuff out there, but I haven't seen much for clerics.

This was an instant buy for me.

This game is a case study in concise writing. So brilliant. I felt my imagination spark as I read it! So much so that I published my own RPG content for the first time ever. I made a supplement for Heartseeker adding Bard and Barbarian classes to the game. These classes can be found here.