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Excellent, thanks for the inclusion!

Very interesting, thanks for sharing!

This one definitely has the dungeon boss battle feel.  The music was great.  I like the healing fountain aspect.  It would make it a little easier to tell what is going on in the battle if the fireball displayed on top of the player character when you are hit and if there was some sort of attack animation when attacking the enemy to distinguish between movement and attack.

(Great to see another QBJS submission!)

I really enjoyed the art and animation of the characters, especially the the fist that comes out of the player blob cube when you punch, ha!  It would be great if there was a squish sound when the player lands after a jump.

The game was super easy to beat and it wasn’t clear to me why I should try to destroy the cubes when I can just rapid blob punch the enemy to a quick victory.

This was definitely a unique entry in the jam.  It reminded me somewhat of educational games where you learn facts along the way and take a quiz to progress.

This is a very polished puzzle game.  Menus and UI look great.  Tutorial is good.  Overall, it is a good example of how very simple game mechanics can be used effectively.

It would be interesting to add some additional mechanics to make the game more challenging in the later levels (e.g. blocks that move when you touch them, blocks that disappear after they’ve been touched a certain number of times).

This was a really fun entry to play.  The sounds effects and music are great.  I like the shadow effect you added to the characters to give more depth to the movement.  Also, this is such a great win message: “Everything is fine”, Ha!

It would be great to have a full screen mode.

This was a fun lemmings-style game.  It was interesting how you varied the mechanics throughout the levels.  Good difficulty for a game jam game.  I was able to complete all the levels.

This is an interesting concept.   There are just enough possible moves to add some level of strategy when you have two players.  Some larger graphics and basic instructions would make it easier to play the first time. It would also be interesting to have a single player vs AI mode.

Thanks for the suggestions!  We'll add them to the list.

Thanks for reporting the issues with Firefox.  We'll look into it further.

Great feedback!  We’ll add both suggestions in the next release.

Thanks for the suggestion.  We'll look into incorporating a help window in an upcoming release.

Thanks for the thoughtful review!

Good suggestion.  I've added the link to the top of the new forum post.

Hi Danilin,

There have been a number of changes with that project in the past couple of weeks.   There is a new site,, which has links to the archived forum, a new forum that was recently created and several other assets.