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hope you’ll like it!


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0 people rated so far, meh

he used just a normal brush with smallest size possible, and Windows’ 10 paint did the thing :p

my friend drew pixel art in paint, somehow it added noise automatically when drawing with a brush, so it turned out pretty good!

nice game, it has an addicting game loop

controls feel unnecessary, would be great to have a mechanic that will utilize mouse buttons better than it is right now

interesting and original concept. brings me back to my childhood... my high score is 35 seconds

pretty game

firefox couldn't handle it, however, i couldn't paint the whole planet - at some point it just stops painting it.

it feels like a fever dream...

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couldn't make through 3 pillars - i hope quacking would be useful after them :)

couldn't pass the first level - timer is to tight it requires you to be a real speedrunner :)

it's not really intuitive that you have to hold your cursor over the shape, but music adds some nice touch to it

laser is the most interesting weapon (i have 140730 score on stage 3, then i game over'd (lol))

nicely balanced game, my high score is 614

Yeah, these enemies are inspired by Cazadors from Fallout NV, and these giants are actually an attempt of friend of mine to make a player model :)