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Nice, I'm definitely pumped. Thank you!

Wow that's very encouraging!

And did you do a lot of marketing? I know I've found you by looking for "tycoon" on steam since it's one of my favorite genres 🙂

Thanks a lot for your answers.

Thanks a lot!

I'd love to publish it on Steam but I'd like to wait until I know there's enough interest that I'll at least recoup the $100 fee.
What's your experience with Steam, how are sales going? (If I may ask)

Awesome, it worked, thank you! Can't wait to play it.

I'm also a game developer as a hobby, I feel you :) 

Hi, I purchased this game because it came with a Steam key, and everytime I click on the claim button, it shows this error "There are no keys available at this time, try again later".

Do you know why, and can you give me an estimation of when a new key will be available?


Thank you so much for this feedback, since I've received so little, I've put its development on hold for now. 

Those are great ideas, I'll implement them when I get back at it, thank you!

Post all your ideas and suggestions here! 

The game is in early development, so I'm really looking forward to this kind of feedback.

You just made my day, I have watched all your previous videos about this jam, what you're doing is awesome. Can't wait to watch your review! Thanks!