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Thank you griny 🙂 score is only 1 ? 😂

Thank you! I might preprare something in the futur 🙂

Ok i see the replay button now 😅 my bad

I finished it :) the game is entertaining and funny but I'm not sure it fit the game show theme 

Cool thank you :)

Thank you mister toad frog!

I like it overall :) Never thought about managing a show

Yo i shit myself!
Nice game!

Since English is not my first langage i couldn't understand all the content but i had a fun experience :)

I had planned to make more minigames and lore stuff but I lost enthusiasm to do so :p I'm glad you took the time for my game, Thank you Julian!

Oh ok, thanks for your comment :)

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Yeah my friend tell me that too xD
In order to fix that, I scaled the ship speed and he shoot some times on the corner + you lost if the ship touch the alien one, but it seems that it's not enough tho :/

Hi, I feel like you had a great idea but the game doesn't implement very well the concept. I got a bug at start : half of the text was cut ?
Cool to test your game anyway

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Funny little game, I like the concept ! But I don't think it fit the theme (edited)

You didn't finished the game ? :/

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Hi, game is nice and polished :)
It's just a bit annoying to wait for the bots to play :p

Hi I tested it! I feel like the game is super hard and doesn't feel like a "Game Show". Anyway it was fun to play your game :)

Hi, I'm trying to use the sprite sheet but it doesn't work. I don't have this problem with your other spritesheet ( is good). it seems that the images of the dwarf are not centered.

By the way I really like your art