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There was a typo in the level calling, so instead of calling Level 2 multiplayer it called Level 3 multiplayer, just fixed!

Nice music, art is functional. It's impossible to get a gameover tho, your main pigfly is immortal, but it's easy to get stuck (and forced to reset) if hit by one of the giant knives. Dunno if I missed it, but it doesn't seem different types of pigflies have a functional difference: big pigs, while slowing you more, should be worth more points in the end, while pigflies with baloons should have negative weight perhaps? There's a tight spot towards the end which renders impossible, due to the fast movement of the knife, to complete the game with a big number of pigs, so it seems impossible to go for a "perfect run". The camera is a bit wobbly when hitting obstacles: you should round the coordinates to avoid having it wobble due to decimals changing when hitting the walls. Somehow still, a solid entry.

Very simple principle, but spamming is valid with every weapon, I would've introduced some sort of recharge to avoid that: balancing stronger weapons to have less "bullets" for example, in order to make shoots "count". 

Simple and effective, the music is a tad too loud and some areas in the level design could be confused as background or vice-versa, but overall it's solid. Gj

The text at the beginning was displayed incorrectly, so I had to read commands on the itch page, and the fact that I was to press Up Arrow came from there, the sign wasn't enough, could have meant that I had to "go up". You can break the game if, with the devil, on the surface, you keep moving left. Nice little idea, but I would've sacrificed the dimension of the level over more polish.

Yea, I tried, talking about the vertical one. The pulling system is at times a bit buggy, sometimes requires me to move at the same time to activate it.

Fresh memes are fresh. I kek'd when I found the GPU in the oven.
But besides that, it doesn't have much to offer gameplay-wise.
The camera is a bit too sensible,  when you need to grab the GPU it does sometimes force you to move awkwardly to avoid howling and remain stuck for a couple of seconds. The ape's diamond has "text description goes here" instead of a text description. The map could've been smaller, it's easy to get lost in the plains and remain meme starved. It has a fun theme, but lacks the unique mechanic, like goat simulator's sticking stuff together for example, which is the closest example I can drag.

Interesting concept, but doesn't really come together. Some problems with Colliders, some ways to get stuck. Why the buttons on the top don't also allow you to enter "Build" mode? Why the random Unity Sphere in the centre does that instead? Finally, the final objective to reach could've been clearer.  There's potential.

It looks great. Some parts break the game, for example, the weight-lever, if you get only 1 player on the other side the chain isn't long enough to go to press the button, and there's no way to get back on it. The level you created is enormous for a jam game, I would've remained a bit lower on the size and higher on the polish. Besides some minor issues, it really looks closer to an indie game demo than a 48 hours prototype. Really good job.

P.S we also created a prison escape themed game, if you wanna check it out :))

The last boss battle is a bit buggy, sometimes the crates go flying, and the second-to-last level has some audio problem, in the sense that if everybody shoots together, it stacks and becomes too loud compared to the rest of the game. Besides these small issues, it's a solid entry. Good job.

Yea, dunno why, but the pause menu has that bug only on the second floor. Even bringing it as a NonDestroyableObject from the previous scene didn't work..

Thanks for the feedback, looking forward in trying your game

Avoiding enemies seem the only valid strategy, attacking with the sword seems to be working only once every 5 times. The third level was a bit frustrating, had to dash once the enemy followed me on the other side of the forked bridge. The justification to reach the "joined together" theme is very forced, doesn't work without reading your itch page. Focus more on the fundamentals and don't be afraid to hard code stuff, a jam doesn't have to be programmed as if you are gonna work on the game in the future, planning on potential new systems and stuff.

You don't really need to use Spacebar and L and Left Mouse, you could've just used a single button and it would've turned out better. Small bug: when you fail a craft you can keep dragging stuff and click craft again and it will keep overlapping, but I am nitpicking. The linear narrative is a bit.. too linear. Perhaps having different outcomes on failures while focusing on a single mechanic, rather than fishing+crafting, would've made the game more interesting. The graphics are pretty interesting though, presentation is this game's strong point.

I don't know how, I don't know why, but here I am at 1:30 am finshing a game about building bridges between island using coconuts to make dodos mate.

Using UE during a jam is always a risky move, and while I would've preferred the land generation to be a bit bigger, since it usually takes me 25-30 trees to make a bridge, while going back to get water, would have been a bit tedious.. if not for the fact that I have three guys on discord screaming at me to get water and genuinely having a blast.

Holy moly, this is the last game I would've expected to see in a jam, but somehow I played it for an hour. Good job (can't review it yet cause not in my queue, but will receive a good review as soon as I can pick games)

Your level design is pretty good, sometimes I felt a bit frustrated about the fact that the separation forced the orbs into always the same direction (red on left and blue on right), but through level design you managed to turn that limitation into an obstacle that requires a workaround by studying the level. Overall solid

Very abstract game, and as such it's difficult to find what's my end goal: why am I building a bigger spaceship? The attaching parts mechanic it's a bit wonky, but the game nonetheless intrigued me, so far it's one of the jam entries I played the most.

I like that one player's obstacles turn into the other's treasure. Interesting mechanic, perhaps with level design instead of procedural generations it could become a game.

The last level is a bit frustrating, but the fact that you have a timer encourages replayability and speedruns, which turn the first gameplay's difficult parts' frustration into the frustration of the research of mastery. I could genuinely see a more polished version getting a full release. Overall positive.

I didn't get at first that "Sides" was the Gun Upgrade, in the tutorial I bought "storage", encouraged by the fact of having 20 iron, so I initially thought that the "shoot" system was broken. But, it's an overall solid entry, and procedural generation is still nice to see in a jam.

Being the first non-dev to complete it, I gotta say

٩ (╬ʘ益ʘ╬) ۶

Done! Check if it works ;-)

Sure! I'll look into it

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