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You might be able to bomb around the cursed rooms if you have enough bombs. Sometimes you can go into rooms not charted on the map through walls that look solid. It's tedious and risky though.

I'll look into the amulet thing. There should be 2 out of 6 that are always good.

You can email if you want to give detailed feedback. Either way, I appreciate all feedback, detailed or not.

You're amazing! It's a tough game! Thanks for the kind words.

The cursed rooms are actually a failsafe for when a room encounters a bug when loading. My newest update fixed a lot of rarely occurring problems with room loading, so the cursed rooms hopefully won't be as much of a problem when I release it. I need to finish several features that are blocking the release until completed, and I've been quite busy with life stuff, so it's been taking much longer than expected. Soon, is all I can say.

Thanks for coming back. It's people like you that keep me motivated.

Why'd you have to release this when I have so much to do before Christmas, AGH

This is very helpful, thank you again!

Thanks for your post!

Do you have the latest version of the game? I believe I fixed the aggressive dog issue, so it'd be good to know if it's still not fixed.
Is the wrong travel shrine issue only when you have all six travel shrines? I'll look into it.

You can equip the sword if you want to only use the sword, but I think what you want is very specific. I'll consider that option. I've been wanting to add more a robust options menu.

I've experimented with passing your turn, and it took away from some challenges, but I believe since there are ways to effectively pass your turn then this mechanic is just tedious. I'll be adding ability to pass a turn.

As for the travel between rooms, it's been on my list and will eventually be a feature, thank you!

I really appreciate the feedback! Thanks for playing.

I'd like to submit my free game for the collection of supporters. I read all over trying to find if this is still the appropriate way to submit a free game to no avail. So I hope this is welcomed. Thank you and thank you for the amazing work you're doing with the Bundle and also in general with itch.



Love the idea, but having the King and capturing it or even having it in check doing nothing confused me.


It likes you

Yes, thanks. I pushed the new version too early and there are some bugs I'm tracking.

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Yes, changes like those are the ones I've been planning--namely backtracking woes will be softened--thanks for the suggestions!  The data is being managed fine, but the way Flash handles removing and loading textures causes the hiccups; more twextures, longer hiccup.  That sort of lag should be reduced greatly in the next update, of which requires a lot of manual texture reworking, which is what's been taking the next update so long. Either way, other things not related to that should make it a bit better as well. Truth is, I started programming this game a loong time ago, and I'm learning more about how to write neater code, so I've been rewriting a lot of old stuff to speed things up. There's a priority list I'm going down, and my efforts are just now starting to show. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for the encouraging words! I know there are more people who love the game, just not so vocal about it. It helps to get these messages for affirmation. I'm working every day to make this game better. In fact, the next update will make the game's performance much better! After that, I'll be improving some of the design and conveyed information so things like the tree pushing man won't seem so random (there's a chance the old men are evil). Thanks again for playing, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

I love the visual style and concept!

One thing: I think you should add something to encourage people to click on the game and then push the arrow keys or wsad. It took me looking a few times to realize how to start the game.

That's great and very encouraging. Thank you!

I added the .dmg extension and it didn't work either.

I downloaded it and it was just a text file. It doesn't appear to have an extension. Is it supposed to be a .dmg file?

Yo, loved your game. Simple yet elegant, but, most of all, fun!

I don't think the having to give the game focus is a bug. All games are like that (i think). Just gotta have a title screen to encourage a click.