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A member registered Jun 15, 2020

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I loved the pixel art style and the puzzles were not too hard or easy. Only criticism would be the ending felt a little abrupt. but still well worth a play

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Just finished  Playing the second episode and really like the twilight zone outer limits vibe a good follow up to episode 1. I hope there are more episodes to come.

My gameplay 

Just played this today and really loved it the black and white textures really added atmosphere to the game planning on playing the second episode this week.

My gameplay video

loved the demo nice stylish graphics and such smooth gameplay. Looking forward to playing the full version as soon as it comes out.

My gameplay

Congratulations it is well deserved. What never was has been one of my favourite games that I have played in quite a while and looking forward to playing chapter II

Just finished playing this and loved it the graphics were very well done and the gameplay was really smooth.

I hope you will work on a full version in the future.

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Loved the Groundhog Day vibe I got with this game you managed to tell a good story with a short game.

Keep up with the good work I love your games

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A really cute game loved the pixel art style just wished the game had been longer but I loved it

My gameplay

I loved the game graphics super cute and the gameplay was a joy. Just wished it had been a little longer hoping the dev will expand on the game as I would love to play a longer version.

Game definitely reminded me of animal crossing and harvest moon

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loved the retro style of this demo really took me back to my younger days playing games like maniac mansion. Could you please tell what the music in the background is as I remember it from somewhere and just can't recall where from

My gameplay video

Good luck on the full game

I really liked the  graphics and gameplay style the shortness of the game left me wanting more I hope you release a full version 

My gameplay video

Loved the watercolour style back ground and the music added real atmosphere to the game. I just wished it had been a little longer and slightly more interactive but overall a really decent if short game

My Gameplay

Loved the game Smooth gameplay and a great soundtrack especially the voice acting. Only thing i think could have been better would have been a slightly larger cursor I had a lot of problems seeming it at times.

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Just played this today and I am very impressed loved the graphics and the atmosphere was spot on

My gameplay

Loved this game the graphics were absolutely beautiful and the storytelling superb.

My Gameplay video

I really loved this game action was very smooth and a joy to play. I hope you might do a longer version of this game as I would love to play it.

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I enjoyed this small demo The graphics are very nicely done.

In the full version I think that being able to move the camera would be really helpful when jumping as I found jumping slightly hard as you couldn't  quite see the angle .

My gameplay video

gameplay video

Iv'e had this on my Pc for about a year and forgot all about it until today and have to say I'm glad I played it. I have always been a fan of point and click games and I really enjoyed this game.

Just wish it had been a bit longer.

My gameplay video

I only found about this game today after playing lullaby and have to say that I was really impressed .

The game had a cool creepy feeling of isolation and desperation I really love these RPG horror games.

Here's my gameplay

I really like this game the story was very compelling and kept you guessing till the end I kind of thought that Haru was a ghost stuck in purgatory.

I also loved that the music wasn't playing all the time and wasn't too loud as it really added to the atmosphere.

I hope you will make more games as I will definately play them.

My video walkthrough

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Loved this strange little game the simplistic graphics really suited the game but would to see this turned into a full length game as I think this would really suit a puzzle type game where you have to shake hands with another character to end the level.

Where you over come different puzzles and obstacles and the handshake would kind of be like Mario's flagpole.

A very emotional game really felt sorry for him when everyone started walking away from him. 

I really loved this game the subject is such a hard one to do justice to but you nailed it smooth gameplay and what a brilliant voice actor.

Sorry how late my comment is but i upload that many videos to my youtube channel that I get so backlogged 

my full playthrough


Once again well done on a brilliant game some games take hours to tell a story and your game did a better job in 20 minutes

I really like your game been a lot of these types of games made lately where you control a character and the shadow.

But you changed it up a notch it's so easy to just copy and paste an idea but so much harder to take an idea and make it better which you have undeniably done.

Well done.

I really enjoyed this game the graphics were extremely well done and the game controls were so smooth only thing that disappointed was the length it really left me wanting more.

Hopefully you will work on a longer version in the future 

my gameplay video

Loved the game smooth controls and nice graphics congratulations on a real good game.

I really loved the graphics super cute and a story that kept my attention

I really enjoyed playing this too me back to playing Lucas games on my Amiga

I love this game only just found it yesterday as I am starting to play a lot of Indie games for my YouTube channel at the moment.                                Only thing that I didn't like was how short the game was it left me wanting more.                            I Really hope you will make a longer version at some time or a sequel as I would definitely play it.

loved the game not usually

a fan of RPG style games but loved the art and the story kept me wanting to play

brilliant work

I really liked the game and hope that one day you might either make a longer version or create a sequel.

I really enjoyed this game It's nice to play a game that's relaxing and charming I hope this game get's a longer version sometime as I would definitely play it.