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Read the whole dev log here:

Developer Log #3: Mythargia

We have bugs!

Date: January 20th, 2023

Hello Mythargia players,

We've received feedback from our beta testers who have founded several bugs in the game. Damn. Now we need to work more and crush those little creatures.

-Movement glitch: We have identified an issue with character movement and are working on a fix to ensure smooth and accurate movement throughout the game.

-Unreadable font: Some (Many) players experiencing difficulty reading certain text in the game. Yeah, we will be implementing a fix as soon as possible.

-Too few save slots: We understand that players would like more save slots for their game progress. We think about this too.

-Need for Vsync: Some players are experiencing screen tearing and now we are implementing Vsync to improve the visual experience.

-Animations need fine-tuning: Fine-tuning the animations to look smooth and consistent.

-Game-breaking bug: This one was bummer. Beta testers found a game-breaking bug that is affecting some players. Our team is working on a fix for this issue as a top priority.

Keep on wishlisting the game as we work to improve it.

Mythargia Dev Team

Finally, we made it on Itch!

Shadow of the Guild on Itch:


Shadow of the Guild is a 2D side scrolling beat-em-up adventure. Use and evolve your skills through combo attacks, powerful spells and stealthy assassinations to defeat your enemies!


  • RPG: 3 skill trees to follow the path that suits you best: Warrior, Mage, and Assassin
  • Beat 'em all: Dynamic fights where you can mix your skills in epic combos
  • Items: Consumables, throwing weapons and a whole bunch of runes to give you new skills
  • Exploration: Side quests, special items, secret passages

Shadow of the Guild is:

  • Five scripted levels with their own visual identity, enemies and beautiful cinematics
  • 6 to 7 hours of average gameplay
  • A unique visual style and a rich story


Aridia, is an parched planet where water is a scarce commodity. Where magic is omnipresent. Where the blacksmith is a pyromancer and the builder is telekinetic. The planet's kingdoms call on the services of the Merchant Guild of Rain, the most powerful organization existing to provide their people with water.

From its Flying Fortress, the Guild sends hundreds of ships to capture clouds to sell to the kingdoms. Their mastery of the skies is complete despite the attacks carried out by the Pirate Guild.

Aridia's Eastern Empire refuses to buy the services of the Guild, building its own fleet of ships and attempting to capture the water trade on the planet. The empire is ruled by Emperor Gethro III. Investing heavily in scientific research, Gethro III fears that his discoveries will attract greed. The emperor then decides to close his borders and starts to rule with an iron fist.

10 years later, a discovery made at the cost of immense sacrifices by the Guild of Informers reveals the emperor succeeded in creating clouds with their new technology, freeing the planet from the laws of nature and the monopoly of the Rain Merchants Guild.

The Guild cannot remain idle and decides to send its best warrior to infiltrate the empire to discover their new inventions. This is where your story begins.

If you know what The BFG is, then this game is made for you

Bullet Runner: Prologue is a free, Doom Eternal-like Twin Stick Shooter with 4-hours full of total mayhem. Load your BFG and get in the game!

Stop reading now, and try yourself:
I dare you!

Bullet Runner is like pure adrenaline poured into your brain and veins, just like the good ol’ days with Doom and Quake. You are Jack, and for some reason, everyone wants you dead. Buller Runner is a top-down shooter where you run your way through the enemy-filled facility shooting, blasting, and raging through any obstacle set in your way.

“My love for DOOM Eternal is very strong, and I wanted to create my own kind of homage to the Doom series. Fighting and especially the glory kill mechanisms will be familiar for all like minded players, but in Bullet Runner the main character is just a regular badass-Jack''

 tells Laura Moon, the developer behind the game.

Oh, thank you for your feedback. And thank you for the new ideas :)

Thank you for your kind words :)

Dreams in the Witch House is an open-world horror adventure game based on the novel by H.P. Lovecraft, where you guide Walter Gilman, as he prepares to face the dreaded May-Eve witch ritual in the legend-haunted city of Arkham.

Choose your own approach and reveal the secret of the Witch House before it's too late:

Whether the dreams brought on the fever or the fever brought on the dreams Walter Gilman did not know. 
- H.P. Lovecraft, The Dreams in the Witch House

Link to Itch page:

Link to Itch page:

Thank you for your kind feedback :)

Thank you for your thumbs up :)


Was it worth of wait? ;)

Tahnk you :)

Thank you for your recommendation. We found something which fixes framerate issue. Patch will come live soon. 

Thank you for the video!

We are glad you liked it. Your issues with framerate are heard. We are fixing it and the patch is coming up later this week. 

Muchas gracias

Thank you so much for the YouTube video. :)

The full game is available here:

Horror aficionados ahoy, JANITOR BLEEDS' private beta is now accepting waitlist sign-up's

Valentine's day is the spookiest of all the seasons! And this year we're bringing something sweet, lovely, cuddly, and friggin' frightening for all the horror lovers out there!

Yep, that's right: JANITOR BLEEDS is soon opening up the private beta playtesting — that means that YOU can PLAY the game way before anyone else!

How does the private beta work?

  1. Sign up to the waitlist here
  2. When we are ready with the beta, you will receive a Steam activation key and instructions on your email
  3. If you have feedback, you can tell us your thoughts
  4. If you don't have any feedback, just enjoy the game
  5. Remember to wishlist & follow JANITOR BLEEDS on Steam

So, sign up here and we will get back to you within a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, join our Discord here.

The game is in good shape already. We are going to launch the full version in the coming months. 

Nice. Thank you for the video :)

Thank you :)

There will be tons of new stuff in the full game. Full game will be different from the demo. 

Maybe we put more hints on the full game :D

Game in the game was too real :)

Thanks :)

Thanks. Yes, we are going to port this on consoles as well. 

We might have fixed it. There is now new build. Please try again?

Full game will be on Linux as well!

There is now updated build. Could yo please try again now? 

There is now updated build. Could you, please, try it again? 

Could you try again now? We have updated the demo. 

Thank you. Heart attack is guaranteed in the full version of the game ;)

Thank you. Full game is on the way :)

Merci beaucoup

Thank you. Development is going on strong.

Last Soul is a PixelArt Shooting-Action-Packed Platformer inspired by Katana Zero, Neon Abyss, Exit the Gungeon, and Touhou Luna Nights!

Hi there! My name is Tony Munoz, and I've been making video games since I was twelve years old. LAST SOUL, the exciting adventure of a small robot trying to survive, was presented in a prologue version of Steam this year. A week after its Pre-Release, the game got the attention of more than 10,000 gamers. Now, I'm in the process of finishing this project with the help of talented friends and amazing collaborators.

I will update my devlog on Itch:

You may follow the development and also give input on our Discord: