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thanks inky, glad you had a good time <3

That means a lot to us! ☃️
Glad you enjoy it and thanks for playing :)

omg thanks so much for playing our game and making a video of it! means a lot. good luck with your channel!

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Whoa I loved this. The art, the mechanic, the writing. And I LOVED the music!
Had 33/35 stars, was really satisfying and relaxing!
Also big shoutout to the sound effects, the bending was so satisfying and nice, totally impressive for a jam!
- Kyon

Thank you for playing! :)

You can listen to the music for free here if you want:

Hey! Haha, that is such a great description of the game. glad you enjoyed it :)

We all watched the video, we really loved it! thank you so much.

Thanks for making a tower guy video!

sending positive tower noises your way!

We already replied to your video on youtube, which we loved. But just wanted to say thanks for your lovely comment here and hope you're doing well :)

Hey, thank you for playing and commenting :)
We appreciate your work! ;)

Thanks so much for playing Tower Guy and your elaborate comment.
 Good luck with your channel!

Hi Spencer,

We're Bonte Avond! The creators of Tower Guy, which was part of the top 10 picks of November (Thanks for that by the way!!).

We're sending you this message, because we think that our new game 'Everybody Wham Wham' might be perfect for the Selects bundle series! 

Everybody Wham Wham is a story-driven, winter adventure where you compete to make the best snowman. Build, decorate and sabotage your way to the festival grand prize! Make friends at the festival, tune in to the Wham Wham Radio Station and uncover the hidden truth behind Wham Wham the Snowman-man.


We think the game would fit perfectly with a Lunar New Year Sale because of the whole festival vibe. Watching fireworks at night, sitting by the campfire to keep yourself warm, meeting new friends. The game reminds us of that post-Christmas/NewYear time where the nights are long and oh so quiet...

Anyway, we'd love to be in the bundle! Thanks for taking the time to read the message :)

Bonte Avond

Everybody Wham Wham is a story-driven, winter adventure where you compete to build the best snowman. Build, decorate and sabotage your way to the festival grand prize! Check out the page here!


Three competitors go head-to-head in an exciting snowman-building match! Roll your snowballs and decorate your snowman within the time limit, but don’t forget to match the criteria. Impress the jury and you just might score a perfect 10.


Hang out and chat with a cast of zany characters like Koenraad the runaway ice cream cone and Bentworth the wooden snowman! Join Piggy and Snailmn at karaoke night, drink a cup of coco with Rudy the washed up reindeer, and join the Pumpkin Prince for a campfire song.


Wham Wham the Snowman-man is hiding something from the contestants. Will he get away with it? Will Bling Bling find out what's going on? Or will his guilt eat him alive? Experience first hand how this mystery unfolds during the festival.


Listen to over 50 minutes of radio content including amazing acts like the Monotone-Singing Fly Man, Tuba Guy, Frank the Frankly Weatherman, the Monk Who Took a Vow of Silence, and The One Woman Opera About the Birth of Life and What's Beyond.


Every day of competition has a different theme! Whether it's fantasy, pirate, futuristic or spooky, you'll have all sorts of wacky hats, eyes, noses, mouths and scarves to choose from.


The festival may not be about winning, but if you don't win you can't enter the Igloo for Winners, which is only for winners.

Thanks for reading this post, and we hope to see you at the festival!
- Bonte Avond team

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Hi! Thanks for trying to download our game. ⛄
The game will be released on January 29th :)

Well, that was amazing. Thanks so much for playing.
Loved the stream.

Hello, Bonte Avond Support here to help you!

Go to the left. (keep walking, even behind the house)

Thanks for playing, and have a good day!

Aw thank you! 🥰
Hope you have a good day and a lovely christmas

Thanks for playing our game and for your kind words. 
Enjoy your holidays x

Thank you ♥♥♥

Thank you! <3

tower guy blushed when he read that 🥰

Wow! That's amazing. Thanks so much for translating our game for your video. Gonna share this on our Twitter right now, the world should know! 

Thank you so much for playing. We loved your stream, super funny.
Can't wait to see more from you!

Oh wow, I didn't even know that, thanks for letting me know this exists!
Thx for playing!
- Mark L

Thank you Yousefisl! Your comments mean a lot to us and basically made our day ♥
Super happy that you've enjoyed our games, we'll keep making them!

Hey! Great that you've found a workaround 
We'll look into this asap, thanks for the heads-up :)

Hi. thanks for your interest in our games and for reaching out. 
We've looked into exporting it for Mac, and hope to bring you a version soon! Stay tuned while we work this out for you! :)

We'll update this page when we've done so

Thanks so much for playing our game. We loved watching your stream a lot! We've got some other free games if you want to hear more indie songs and confusing cute characters. Like this one!

Thx again and have a good day :)

Thank you for playing <3 
have a good one!

Thank you for streaming our game, good luck with your yt channel! <3

that's a perfect mix of feelings I'd say!
thanks for playing :)

We loved watching your stream! Thanks so much for playing :)

Thanks so much for playing our game and your kind words :) 

Really enjoyed watching it. Cheerio!

awesome, thanks for the headsup and for the stream! we'll be there :)

Thanks so much Eric
we loved your stream, 11/10

(for anyone reading this, make sure to check out Nyveon on Twitter or Twitch for more awesome streams! he does a lot of cool indie games and makes games himself too)

Thanks so much, what a compliment! <3
Thanks for playing

Hey! Thanks for playing our game and your super kind words :)

<3 This was a lovely stream! It's so funny how you showed almost every emotion a human can have during the musical song. 
Thanks for playing our game.
And yes, all is well in the end, at least until the next time we hear from the prince... 🤴

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Hey! We loved watching your video. It was hilarious, thanks so much for playing our game, or like you said, "tower kid abuse or something" 

Hope to see more vids from you in the future!

Thanks so much for playing our game and for the video :)
we enjoyed watching it a lot

Great video! thanks so much for streaming the game

thank you :) glad you enjoyed.