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I'm also unsure how to run. Do I need to install LOVE somehow?

This is really my kind of game! Some feedback: 

 - I think the screen transitions could be more instantaneous

 - Sometimes it feels the input is missed. Not sure if you're doing any input buffering or if my keyboard is just too old, but some more input buffering may help it a lot

 - I think it could be more forgiving. Like if you drop 5 charges then half or more appear in the room the next time you play. Or maybe you don't die 1st time but just drop things

Overall, great game! Top marks

Thanks for playing! I also enjoyed coming up with strategies for navigating the small space. Kind of happy how that turned out

There's also a few lines in the game you can follow, so like if you take the bottom platform and just about past mid-way hold up and go just through the stars on the edge of the top platform you can grab it:

There are a couple lines like that for different coins (can grab bottom right and top left for example if you hop down from the mid-right ledge). These lines change up as the game speeds up though

That was pretty cool! Had to restart chapter 3, didn't realize where the 2nd key was 

This is pretty cool. Sometimes the text box is in my way. At first I was thinking it should be on the left so I can see where I'm going, but sometimes I'm going left so there might be a better solution

Yeah I've been thinking about that! I wonder if I should just throw a simple up/down or circle control on the left screen and call it a day

Ah I hadn't even thought of testing on Chrome!

What happened in Chrome for you? My Chrome seems ok

Your work always inspires me to think about capturing those important parts of games. In particular, the tweening in this one really captures something. Makes me understand things that are lacking in my own life/work (because this kind of shape/colour thing is similar to what I would do, but it wouldn't have that extra bit of the tweening, I'd probably neglect that and it would be missing some magic)

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Hummus Man had a bounce right before this one. 

For this one I added grenades, tweaked movement, added a wave system, added upgrades. Can't seem to upload these 15mb gifs to imgur or giphy anymore...

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Did a movement pass (made the movement more snappy, added "friction", added variable jumping, added coyote time to the jumping).

Added a machine gun
Made weapons swappable with an upgrade (regular Gun, Machine Gun)
Gun Upgrade dispenser/pedestals

Fixed some bugs, started working on a new enemy type:

Not sure if this image worked this time... having difficulty uploading it.

Added music, player boundaries, a camera for when you switch to tower mode

Same here, they were going to add ground pound and dashing apparently. But they disappeared! They've left the Discord servers so we are unable to contact them. I'm going to continue my last bounce tonight

All I did was fix the player lag. We have a new team member going to take the next shot

(2 edits)

Camera is rotatable (mouse to rotate camera), added jumping to the player (space bar, second image) and a gun that can shoot (left mouse).

It was an old Game Maker tutorial game from back in my day (2003ish)

Thanks! I'm going to try to make a game with some of your assets, really loving em!!

When uploading to Mixamo and re-downloading the rig and animations, what's the best way to disable parts like the Mage's staff or the Archer's bow? I'd like to separate them out instead of watching some weird distorted animation

Thanks a ton for playing! I was thinking the same thing about it needing audio. My main worry was that any audio I added to the game would be fairly obnoxious and it might be better to direct people to use their own audio. But if I do an experience like this again in the future, I'll definitely risk it and reach out of my comfort zone and add audio :D

Thanks for playing! I agree, the controls aren't clear enough so a lot of people will just end up back at the blackness. The "game" is pretty simplistic atm, so giving the controls away right off the bat (hold down any key when things are moving upwards) might give too much away. But then again, it should be more of an experience than a game to figure out, so I'll consider updating the game post-jam with a splash screen

That's a good point. I think to take this kind of concept further I'd need to figure out a way to give feedback to the player more clearly.

Thanks for playing my little colour thing!

16-17 seconds was my fastest

Given it's timed, it would be very nice if there's a restart button (like R) so that you don't have to run down the clock when you make a minor mistake to restart

Yeah "puzzle" to the game is to figure out how to add more (then remove) everything. Basically when you see things moving up/down hold buttons down to add more to the screen. If they're moving sideways, then it'll remove things to screen. So if you hold always, you'll get a brief moment of colours then a bunch of blackness

There isn't too much game here, just a bunch of flying colours if you're into that kind of thing

Yeah there's a technique to get more colours. Basically when things are moving up, hold keys down and the screen will fill up more.

There's not much of a game, just some colours to look at if you're into that kind of thing

I tried remaking a game that I only have a vague memory of playing in the 90s on Windows 95 (I think). It's a top down shooter, you're in a grid world, and you shoot other blue arrows to beat the level. Very simple graphics. If anyone remembers the name of the game or has any information about it, please let me know. I cannot find anything out about it for the life of me.

I really like this concept, quite fun

Do you think this turtle game would have any appeal in China?

Why is this downvoted so heavily? 


Love it except it doesn't save my progress.. also sometimes balls get stuck. But super fun!

There are two really good things about the Epic store and one thing that might be good or bad long term:

1.) It's a major platform (as in has AAA games) pushing a better revenue split for developers. I thank GameJolt and Itch for starting this, and I am glad to see Epic taking it seriously too

2.) The financial support for some developers to give them a certain amount of money to develop and launch their games exclusively on Epic (matching or exceeding the expected sales they would've got)

3.) Giving developers money to release their games for free

Point 1 is already something Itch does. The only thing that could improve is exactly what you're saying, a few serious, bigger games. Not necessarily AAA. But then again, stuff like Celeste is on here, so they already kind of do it in terms of the big Indie games. 

Point 2 I don't see as something that Itch could afford. Really only comes from Epic's success with Fortnite and investments. Maybe there's a crowdsourcing angle that could be exploited? Although I feel Patreon already handles this well enough

Point 3 is yet to be determined if it'll be good (could distort the market even more :S), and also ties into Point 2 in terms of me not sure if Itch could afford it.

But I am glad that we are seeing some improvements for the smaller devs out there, thanks to these platforms. I do think you're onto something with bigger game releases.

Hey, I did the "Game Breaker's Toolkit Jam", a jam where you're suppose to make a really horrible game. I tried throwing away a lot of the rules I find myself following in terms of game design, because I assume without them my games would be worse. And maybe I was right! A lot of it turned out to be a bit trolly (although not overly), although I'd be interested on people's thoughts about the level progression if you notice anything about it.

Here's the game:

um when this game come out

A short "one-dimensional dialogue filled walking simulator". This game is part of theBranching Corpses community project, in which people make games based on the ending of a previous game in the project. In this game, Claus (our hero) is trying to get his "friend" G'Nikae to visit his grandfather. But G'Nikae has other plans...

Not sure if this is related, but you need the XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0 for the game to open on Windows. You can get that here: