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There are two really good things about the Epic store and one thing that might be good or bad long term:

1.) It's a major platform (as in has AAA games) pushing a better revenue split for developers. I thank GameJolt and Itch for starting this, and I am glad to see Epic taking it seriously too

2.) The financial support for some developers to give them a certain amount of money to develop and launch their games exclusively on Epic (matching or exceeding the expected sales they would've got)

3.) Giving developers money to release their games for free

Point 1 is already something Itch does. The only thing that could improve is exactly what you're saying, a few serious, bigger games. Not necessarily AAA. But then again, stuff like Celeste is on here, so they already kind of do it in terms of the big Indie games. 

Point 2 I don't see as something that Itch could afford. Really only comes from Epic's success with Fortnite and investments. Maybe there's a crowdsourcing angle that could be exploited? Although I feel Patreon already handles this well enough

Point 3 is yet to be determined if it'll be good (could distort the market even more :S), and also ties into Point 2 in terms of me not sure if Itch could afford it.

But I am glad that we are seeing some improvements for the smaller devs out there, thanks to these platforms. I do think you're onto something with bigger game releases.

Hey, I did the "Game Breaker's Toolkit Jam", a jam where you're suppose to make a really horrible game. I tried throwing away a lot of the rules I find myself following in terms of game design, because I assume without them my games would be worse. And maybe I was right! A lot of it turned out to be a bit trolly (although not overly), although I'd be interested on people's thoughts about the level progression if you notice anything about it.

Here's the game:

um when this game come out

A short "one-dimensional dialogue filled walking simulator". This game is part of theBranching Corpses community project, in which people make games based on the ending of a previous game in the project. In this game, Claus (our hero) is trying to get his "friend" G'Nikae to visit his grandfather. But G'Nikae has other plans...

Not sure if this is related, but you need the XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0 for the game to open on Windows. You can get that here: