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Game becomes unplayable after any card moving sideways. They just oscillate around target point never stopping...

I also have this ones:

WebGL warning: texImage: Requested size at this level is unsupported.

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24G memory.

WebAudio autoplay test failed: DOMException: The play method is not allowed by the user agent or the platform in the current context, possibly because the user denied permission.

Firefox, Linux.

Game looks stuck after loading (black screen).

It's good when you can access said options whatever it wil do, not when said option's button rendered somewhere outside screen and you have to resize browser window to get to it. My monitor 16:9, but some options not accessible when browser window maximized. I'm afraid to imagine what's happening with those who have wider ones :(

One thing: make scene scaling depending on both width and height of the screen. Otherwise it just goes offscreen.

2 bugs detected. 1) you can go off the grid to the left/right and fall either to elevator or beyong map. 2) if you dig below yourself and then to the side before falling, characted becomes misplaced up to the point that it can walk over 1-tile gaps.

Exactly :)))

I think change should be during flight. I highly doubt that all flight (with duraion of half a day) MC passes actively piloting. Therefore there are some relatively free time. And if one of the officers decides to visit MC during unloading...

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Interesting game.

IMHO, too many unnecessary clicks. But to make them less will require dialog system redo.

One thing to consider: rename "ask to pay more" button into "lvl up relations".

One question: at what points does MC changes outfit to match station requirements?

Testing this will require either luck (to get small number of tiles on 1st floor) or much more items...

Interesting game. In about 3 hours I dumped ALL items to lowest floor. Now I'm curious. What will happen if total number of "garbage" items and/or furniture more than total available space at ground level?

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Then there is possible softlock: if I collect more than 1000 sticks before 200 stone, progress will halt. Which actually happened on the 1st run.

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Does web version contain only rocks and sticks? I got 1200 sticks (full inventory) and can't do anything after that.

UPD: after reloading page and game restart, trader popped in...

Block hitboxes are wierd. Not that they internally wierd (rectangles, I understand), but visually. Sometimes ball bounces in the middle of nowhere from blocks. So my recommendation: make blocks opaque.

Interesting game so far, but...

1) we need an option to discard items from inventory.

2) multiple times i stumbled onto overlayed scenes, in one case even overlayed with pause menu (game was going in background). I suspect it started to happen when multiple encounters spawn on the same tile (like mob + traider).

One possible workaround: add "abort" button which instakills character. This way if something wierd happens, player can just restart round.

It happened for me 3 times in FF 95 on Linux during today (was not able to end the game). 1st time this happened character moved over the top of the screen and when screen suddenly started scrolling down I thought that character moved too fast down to process any collisions or being rendered.

Interesting game.

Game breaking bug: sometimes "character" gets pushed outside of game plane (to the left or to the right) and after that keeps falling down until page reload.

Good start.

I think little battle tutorial is required, mainly regarding items usage. It took me too long to realize that during battle items usable from "Inventory" window.