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That's a weird one. Thanks for bringing this up, it should be fixed tomorrow.

Thanks a bunch for the feedback, the communication and shooting mechanics have definitely been something I've been meaning on working on, as well as adding an easier play mode with regenerating health. I'll make a proper tutorial for the full game.

Thanks so much for the review mate, I really appreciate it.

Feels mint man. The music and audio are really great and the HUD adds to it a lot. I would like to start on some sort of flat surface or something, a lot of times I'd spawn and just die like an idiot. Amazing work man.

Damn this is a good game. The music is nice, platforming is solid, upgrades feel good. I really want to see this more in the future with a few more enemies.

I noticed that sometimes I wasn't getting hit by projectiles that I probably should have been hit by. Maybe the player hitbox should be very slightly larger or accommodate moving at a fast rate so you don't move directly through objects.

It feels really nice hopping around obstacles and terrain once you get the hang of the distances. Solid idea, hope it can turn into something.

I like the aesthetic a lot, nice colour set. Hitting enemies and objects around also felt very nice, it was rewarding.

I'd like to be able to aim while I hold down right click, it felt punishing to try and rush this game down because I'd miss constantly. For some unknown reason the cursor image was a small grey square so aiming was rather difficult.

Ooh I like this game. Really fun, good challenge. I'd like it if the enemies had death noises but other then that it's hard to pick at. Good vibe, good game. Keep it up.

Nice work, really fun to play. It's got a good amount of difficulty. I'm not really a fan of how you static you instantly become when swinging. As previously stated in these comments, a little bit of skid or a mobility while swinging would be nice.

Also, as Yomic said, a jump would be great. Even if you can slide through the attacks an extra dimension is really nice. I'd like to also swing in the air or something. Maybe I've played too much lethal league.

I'd really like to see this game a with a few more assets. Exploring felt nice, I can't complain about the platforming and the grapple mechanic was really fun to use. Combat against the little mobs in the world felt a little slow and tedious, I didn't feel threatened and I didn't think they were dying fast enough. They were just getting in my way as I tried to explore. I'm not saying it should be removed, I'd just like to hit harder.

Good game, keep it up.

This is really fun. A non-browser version would be nice as I feel I'd get a better framerate. Turning felt a little slow as well. Aside from that, everything feels nice, especially the variety of basic attacks. I'd really like to see where this goes.

I like the look of this. I'd like to play it but the game crashes when I try and cast the Dungeon Scroll on the door.