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Thanks for the feedback, i'm actually thinking about it..

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Here you can feedback your game experience, what is good, what is to change !!

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[New Multiplayer Mode] :

To play this mode you can use the matchmaking servers or just use your ip and share it to your friends.

One is a Swat and the other is a Monster, you have to kill each others.

Swat: you'll have to loot airdrops, unfortunatly the monster can sabotaged them. In these airdrops you will found ammunations and battery, to allow you to kill the monster. How ? You can only shoot him when you see him moving with the light on.

Monster: you always knows the Swat position, airdrops aren't displayed on the map but you can sabotage them. The swat can shot you if he see you moving.

Please FeedBack about the multiplayer, is it well balanced?

You can download the game on the page:  here <====

Done, sorry it's my first time and i Don't realy know what to say. I also don't want to tell every features in the game,, becuase i wanna keep some suprise.

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Hello i've just release a little horror/action game.

You are a policeman and your goal is too find informations about what happened to a missing patrol, you found the car and now your quest in the dark forest begin.  During the  game you'll have to fight zombies with differents weapon and avoid "The Following One" ennemy.

here is the link :