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This was really cute! The dialogue was all so natural and good and you captured so many subtle emotions. I definitely want to learn how to make tong jyun myself after playing :)

This was such an emotional game. Thank you I really enjoyed playing it!

Such a beautiful and calming experience. Thank you!

I enjoyed this a lot! Great game

This is the first VN I've played in a few years and a really I had a lot of fun going through the different routes. I didn't quite find every achievement or CG in the end but I really enjoyed my time playing thanks!

I love slice of life stories and this was so special.

So much characterisation and charm in the dialogue, art style, animation, music and sound design. Every part of this game works together to really give that cosy feeling and it's all so intimate. I really enjoyed playing through, thanks!

I love that play time is tracked when you launch from within the client but the visible number gets rounded to the nearest hour once you hit >1h

 I assume the more precise timing is stored (does anyone know where?) but a way to optionally view it would be great, maybe it could be visible on hovering?

I really like the ability to track play time in the client but I noticed it rounds it up or down to the nearest hour once you get >1h. Is there a way of being able to view the minutes, is there an option or is it stored locally?

Does this have crossplay with any of the pcvr versions?