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Since I can't find a way to private message you, I'm just gonna comment on your most recent comment. Sign up for Patreon, I will subscribe to you for about $10 a month. It ain't much, but I am sure other people would too.

Dude seriously, you are really good. If you have a day time job, I would suggest quitting that and doing indie game development full time. Between your games and your asset generators, you have unlimited potential, swear to god, man.

These are some of the best names, thank you for your hard work and all of the assets you have made, they are great!

It is beautiful and fantastic! Thank you

Very nice, you could probably do a real estate tycoon type of game

This is really nice, great concept implemented with a very simple design...maybe add some calming music or some sound effects for colliding or clicking?

I wanted to add more features, but kind of ran out of time. Thank you for playing and giving some feedback.

I felt the mouse was a bit too sensitive, and I prefer to shoot with the left click. Over all, I thought it was really fun and a great idea.

I was just sticking with the sprite pack I was using for simple testing and functionality, I plan to remake the whole game with better design and more in depth. I went with water beats fire (obviously), fire beats plant(obviously again), and plant beats water (plants absorb water). I will definitely make it more apparent about which faerie is which. Thank you for playing and for the feedback :D

controls were super confusing, but once I figured out you left click when one of the squares is white it spins faster and when you right click it will stop the spinning. pretty good, but maybe put directions in the description?

434 on my first go around, very nice job. Although I am not a lawyer, you might wanna call them ligo brecks or something that's not lego, trademarks and whatnot. :D

I would like to eventually release it for mobile, but for now it looks better and has sounds, you should give it another try ;D

none of that for this update, mostly just polishing it and preparing myself for the real version of this game :D but now there are sounds and looks better

hopefully its less confusing now, but if it is still confusing, I plan on doing a few more updates, let me know if there are any changes I should make.

Took your advice, and gave it some sounds, improved the display and try again features. Still gonna work on it some more, any ideas for the next features?

Yeah, the faeries were not displaying correctly, was a little rushed back then, but I have changed it to show them disappearing as they take damage.

now it will tell you if you win or lose and gives you another chance, and more explanation, but maybe too many words? 

yup, and updated with sounds too ;D

More like "Super awesome cool mega-neat RPG land" amirite? Seriously, from the music to the graphics and the battles, really good, high quality

This is similar to what I had in mind for mine, but you did it so much way better. Great job and good luck!

Wonderful, if I didn't know any better, I would think its from a full dev team.

Fantastic art and smooth controls. Music goes really good with it too.

Thank you for the advice. I get distracted easily and am pretty unmotivated, but doing these jams really helps my motivation. Next one will be even better :)

Super addicting, a lot of fun

Great job, the music works really well with the play style, and I didn't find any bugs

Thank you, I have had this idea for a while, and now that I have the base set, I plan on working on it further. Between having dogs, work and a bit of a crazy family, I ran a little short on time.

It worked flawlessly on chrome, fantastic job! I loved the looting out of toilets, a carrot was my first item lol

oh no, I was just making a bad joke, also, is that your dog as your profile pic?

Fantastic, but I think I broke it when i was going into the red door for the first time. I was caught by the laser and landed on the red door, I reappeared in the upper left hand corner of the screen outside of the map. But very fun to play and would play again.

Great fun and challenging, plus I love chickens, in feathers or in sauce, never the same time.

tiny chance this is a virus, it wouldnt let me close out of firefox

Bugged out on the second level, and it took me a while to understand the controls, but once I learned them, it was a lot of fun, would play again.

I also could not get the pick axe to form, but was really fun up until that part.

yeah, you know

Loved it, Gnome is over powered though :D

I also had trouble on the scorpion screen, but otherwise, very fun, great job!

Looks really fun and interesting, but WINE wouldn't load the windows build and I got the same error as "Out of Chimney" for my phone.

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I was unable to play, tried to download on my galaxy s9, but got an error when trying to install the app, it said "unable to scan %1$s"

Music is superb, and I love the minimalist of the ship and stary sky.

after playing again, was much more better, but maybe add coins or something?