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Pablo Pirata

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Did you end up making Tiled stuff for this tileset? I'd like to use it. Thanks

Do you plan to add a sort of attack/action movement? I was thinking you could do something simple that could be used to different things, like pushing boxes, breaking stones, attacking enemies, etc.

Hey! I tried to claim the discount for this after buying the char pack in a bundle, but it doesn't allow me to do it. Do you know what could it be? Cheers

Can I use these for a paid open source game?

Really REALLY fun!

Yes indeed that's a great idea! Thanks for playing our game 🙌

Thank you for your feedback, we will work in making things more interesting for longer plays. We have a huge backlog but there was not a lot of time to do most of it.

Thank you for your feedback and for playing it. Indeed some playthroughs can get really boring after the first days, we intent to reiterate on that this week, but unfortunately we couldn't do it in the time of the jam :(

Thank you for playing our game!!! 

This is awesome, thanks for sharing

Thanks, really appreciate it :D

Thank you for your feedback!

Yeah I get what you mean. We didn't have time to tweak the values for many things, so we just went if the first code and moved to the next feature.


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Thanks! It is not precedurally generated in this build, but it is totally possible, because all the stages are already rendered dynamically according to a set of data that we manually created. There is actually a option for you to upload your own stages, but to unlock it you'd have to beat all the stages first ;D

All the stages data is generated from this JSON:

Thanks, really appreciate it! Cheers. 

Thank you so much for your feedback. I get what you mean. There are many variable that could be changed to make some of those problems to go away. We mainly need to play the game more and balance it out. 

Well we actually added a secret feature that if you beat all the levels, you can upload your own levels (sequence of enemies) and play them. Good luck ;D