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Enjoyable puzzle concept, but tricky pylon placement/removal made it challenging to control. I wasn't able to figure out how to get past the puzzle after the moving platform, with the two different sized blue blocks in the wall.

Hard agree. One of these days I will write a nice little pluggable system for putting rebindable controls into a project and use it for jams.

.... one of these days.

Glad you enjoyed it! and yep. I just didn't have time for mouse input - extra complications since there are multiple possible blocks to control. It's solvable, but i ran out of time!

Thanks! I agree, sound design, and player feedbacks in general, would be hugely beneficial.


Definitely! Converting everything into cubic coordinates is a huge help. For example, the math for things like rotations and so on become a lot easier. (xyz -> -z,-x,-y).  That would be a huge pain without cube coordinates. If i had time I would have loved to implement mouse movement on top of the keyboard input, but it's a jam and i gotta pick my battles. Glad it inspired you! Of course I hope everyone enjoys the game and it puzzles them, but having it be inspiring is even more rewarding to hear - particularly for a jam game.

I went for over 15 minutes before quitting, as it got repetitive after so long, and It didnt seem like I would die anytime soon. The initial difficulty curve is solid, but you can build directly at the enemies, using buildings as decoys to keep the enemies from shooting your main source. I think a help for this would be less random enemy spawning, where enemies don't end up bunched up.

I enjoyed the high level strategy, the game keeps you from worrying to much about specific buildings or little skirmishes, and focus on the shape of your base, which is a really nice focus this fun little RTS.

I liked the calm music and the minimal style, the presentation was clear.

Fun game with nice and tricky puzzles. I enjoyed the theming too. The rope mechanics were hard to understand (thanks, puzzlescript) but remembering it is modeling real rope, somewhat, helped me figure them out.

An enjoyable mechanic with fun pixel art. Nailing the timing on a challenging section made me feel skilled and accomplished. When I started discovering secret crystals, I became worried I would have to backtrack (I just kept trudging forward anyway, eventually getting stuck on a spikes and conveyerbelts level i couldnt beat).

Nice work! There is a remarkable amount of level design for a jam game and some really nifty ideas and tricks to make everything challenging. Very impressive.

Nice game! Fits the theme, and adds some fun new mechanics to acceleration-based movement that I really liked, like the flipping. It raises the skill ceiling. I liked how you had to dodge level-space elements that moved with you (asteroids) and screen-space elements (red...things) that didn't. The controls are interesting. The text was too small and challenging to read while trying to play, it would have been nice for it to be subtitle-style so one could read it while looking at the ship.

This was fun. I like how the popped keys land on the keyboard and obscure your view. It's an interesting positive feedback loop for failure. Not having a function row (where is my fn key? couldnt tell ya!) made it hard!

Thanks! I appreciate that.

The drag direction was one of those early decisions that I didn't have time to experiment with. I like being behind the ball, since that's one of the challenges of real golf. You can't use a laser pointer to aim into the course, or whatever. It wasn't until too late I realized you're constantly dragging the mouse off the screen in this webGL version, and forward would have made the indicator easier to see. Things you learn in a game jam!

Sorry! :p

Space Golf! It's endlessly enjoyable to sling projectiles around gravity wells, and this game does a good job leaning on that mechanic, especially interesting when the golf hole starts moving too. I felt that the block creation added a lot of possibility but not as much depth. I just always funneled the ball towards the hole.  

Nobody is judging graphics on this jam, but I had some trouble figuring out what barrier was what. There's a speed-boost pad that I just assumed was a solid wall for a bit, for example.

Huzzah for golf games.

Nice work! 

Fun little spot game with an engaging difficulty curve. The second I was confident in myself, the difficulty ramped up. I like the 3D models too!

Fun concept! I kept wanting to surf the line but once I got my head off of that and onto "single path" I enjoyed it. I loved the animations on Pointy, they're stellar.

A lot of the challenge came from timing, it would have been interesting to see if more of the challenge could have come from pathing decisions. Although I didn't manage to beat the game so I can't speak for later levels, haha. 

Nice work!


I promise I had never heard of monogolf before making this. Although, after looking it up....  oof. Yeah. That hurts. Although it is kind of gratifying to see some ideas I had in a well executed (non-jam) form. Like "so that WOULD have worked! I knew it!".

Glad you enjoyed it!

press f near blood

Thanks so much for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the kind words! Yeah input handling can wonk out sometimes in the web build... which is the only build. I'll do my best to try and fix it haha. I appreciate you taking the time to make the walkthrough video!

Thanks, I appreciate that!


I agree about the controls. I lean back in my chair and one hand on arrow keys, add gamepad support. bing bang boom done, right? right? RIGHT? haha I'll probably go back at some point and make the changes you've suggested, letting left handed/WASD controls feel better and more natural for players who perfer that. (most, apparently?).

I agree with all of your feedback. Menu, of course  - I also need to implement a high-contrast/color blind mode, and a way to enable that. I'm glad you mentioned the  level design and challenge progression. Being frustrated with the progression and curve, and roughly but not specifically knowing the steps to improve it was one of my biggest blocks. Probably the one major component that kept me, for months, from wanting to 'put this in the wild'. How much should the puzzle be platforming? Timing? Shouldn't it all be the tricky mind-bending parts? I went back and forth with these questions a lot. And still do! 

I really appreciate the time you spent to play through this and the constructive criticism. I'm really blown away by how friendly and supportive the community has been, even for this one little project! I'm seriously inspired and more confident on bringing more of my projects to light here (you know... when they're done). Thanks!

I found the gamepad favorable myself, once I got it implemented. and sound? Sound. The thorn in my side. I actually spent a great deal of time composing 8-bit midi music, designing sound effects, coding it all in, and such. It's funny, I have a deal of experience with sound design, but instead of that helping me, it just led me to be unsatisfied and annoyed by everything I created. One of those items on the to-do list that led to me getting uninspired with the project and working on other things, until eventually I scrapped sound all together and focused on what I had.  

I agree with you about the controls, I think I know the steps I can take to tighten things up thanks to the feedback I've gotten from this awesome community.

I appreciate the time you took to play through the game and get to the end! It means a lot to see people playing this game! I'm glad I managed to stump you, at least for a little bit, on some of the levels :)

Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it. I'm blown away by the members of this community taking time to provide thoughtful feedback on my little game. 

It's very likely I'll go back and change the controls, it's would be a clear and straightforward improvement. I just lean back in my chair with one arm outstretched on the arrow keys to play, and never gave the controls, or how left hand/ WASD feels, another thought! lol. so it goes: for the thousandth time I've been shown the importance of playtesting more.

Again, thanks for playing and taking the time to provide feedback! I really appreciate it.