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was about to ask the same thing and yes its android too.

I'm not sure if this was answered in the past or not but can you romance others characters besides Asterion. I like him but the main reason I downloaded in the first place was because I saw that there was a Dragon in the VN and I'm a sucker for Dragons and reptiles. If not that's find the story more then makes up for it but it would be awesome if I can romance the others. Maybe even have a polygamous opinion. There have been a few VN that I wished I could romance multiple characters but this option isn't really explored in VN. 

Seems like he had a lot of trouble in the last few months he seems ok but may need more time to get situated. A update even if it's not to the game or even related to the game would be nice. It sounds like he needs some positivity right now.

Grate to see this I think I'll skip this update and wait for the next one when more story is added or a new path I'm interested in gets added. I can't wait to read more though keep up the good work!

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 It would suck if the project died this isone of the more interesting VNs on I was looking forward to getting to know the Dragon guy. His patreon is still active he last posted on the 6th but he's asking for suggestions for something. I kind of looks like he's doing commissions. He maybe waiting for his patreon goal of 1500 to be met its current almost 800.

Still can't name MC what I want... I haven't played since you removed this. :( 

oh neat I think I'll stick with my art background though. It's still neat that it's in the game though.

Is that shirt with the code on it a shirt you can get in the game or is that just floating text that happens to be over his shirt. Not gonna lie I want a shirt like that now.

Any word on the next update? I need my Dragon boys back.

It says this is only for windows 8 and 10 but will 7 still work?

Just a quick question before I downloaded and try this. Will the Lizard guy from the pics be dateable. Rats and cats aren't really my thing but the lizard guy is cute. He seems shy and I just want to hug him.  

What is it you don't like about him? You could always give the Dev more info then "he's disgusting" is it his age? The fact he is your teacher? That he's Bi? I doubt the Dev will change anything to suit one person's needs but he can always use this info to build a new character in the future. You should be more constructive with your criticism if you want the Devs to listen to you. I have had many constructive critiques for VNs that the Devs have responded to me and had a discussion about it. That's one thing I love about

I don't see how he's disgusting I think he's a sweet guy Dozer is my favorite but Harold isn't far behind him.

I was given the hint that if I made it this far I'm doing something right at the end of the last update and nothing like that happend in my play through so I'm guessing that's the neutral ending unless you're a update ahead of me. I don't play around with the routes so I only know the route I'm currently on. 

If you think about it it's not really that wired. The MC was in different areas so he could have gotten exposed to a virus that was only in a area that he was in on Dozers route. its been a while since I started Dozers route I don't remember if the MC gets sick from a virus or not but I think you go to the library to help Dozer before this so the MC may have came in contact with a virus around that point. 

That would be grate. He deserves someone besides his ex wife.

ah I see looks like I was right about him then lol not the type of guy I would get along with XD. Well I like the others in this VN which is more then I can say about some other VNs. I'm lucky to have intrest in more then one character. Buy everyone is so well written it was hard to pick a second favorite. I saw second Because Dozer all the way for me. Hes perfect for me I always liked the Genital giant types. 

I have this problem sometimes as well. Even though it may look like you have enough space to install it android wont let you because it likes to keep some space free for system updates. In order for me to install anything I usually needs to male sure I have at less 2gb of space for any thing under 1gb in size. If that doesn't work try resetting your phone or tablet I found that this works some times as well. If you're trying to update it you may need to uninstall it and in install the new one. Some of the VNs on I got on my phone refuse to update and I end up haveing to uninsall it to get the new stuff.

I kind of had that feeling to because everyone ends up with someone else on his route. But the others always leave someone out. Dozer has coach and chester left out Spencer has Coach and Darius left out, and so on. Everyone except Coach has a relationshi outside out you. Coach dose have his ex but that's really not a healthy relationship. I like to imagine Coach and Richard meet up after he gos to one of your games and they end up together. Coach and Richard do both seem to be in to each other on his route. So much so it looks like we may get a 3 way with the 2 of them in the future. 

Maybe I should go back to playing his route. It felt like he was trying to manipulate me and I'm just not attracted to him like the others.

Still probably the best Furry VN On itch. Others are good and have come close to being the better but the writer either do something to ruin it for me or just give it a really unsatisfying ending. Best of all I actually like more then one or two characters so almost every update brings me something to enjoy.  My big Kaiju is still my number one. 

I'm not intrested in the other characters though also after the way it ended I don't want to put my self through that again.

I still think it should be an option to rename if you want. The people who want to use default can use default but the people that want to change the name are just being potentially alienated because you're removing a way some people like to play Visual novels. Like my self. I like portraying myself as the main character but what you just said was basically saying that I'm playing it wrong by doing that. Visual novels are games we should be free to play them how we want. Even if the way they want to play it doesn't match your vision. Maybe I'm just acting like a spoiled kid but I just don't like when something I like gets taken away from me. 

I'm assuming Grizz did this to make future writing easier some how but honestly taking away a feature in a game is almost never a good idea unless its horrible broken. I can't think of why the feedback would think this was a good idea. I'll give it a try but honestly I'm not sure if I can connect with the other  characters as much now that the MC is not meant to be me. It will no longer be Orlando and me it will be Dave and Orlando. Guiding the main character and being the main character have completely different feels to them.

Sal is my second Orlando is my guy but there both pretty grate it was hard to choose just one.

Same I like being able to name the MC it allows me to place myself I  the story in a since. This is honestly kind of disappointing.

Glad to hear identity is turning out great so far I just hope it's not going to turn out like echo where there's no good ending. Still hoping they fix that. Echo was so good up until the that. Poor Flynn :( I really like these Dark mystery types of Visual novels. I look forward to seeing where you will take it. I'm currently looking for a job but when I do I'll be sure to throw some money your way I would love to help support your project.

As long as I it's still on android I'm game. I hope you can make use of this new engine to improve because I really liked what I saw before.

Any news on new update can't wait to meet dragon guy

Hmm if you’re ok with a little bit of Incest The comic "He knew" is pretty good the 3ed comic came out not long ago and Focuses more on the dad. It’s about this father and son that are being manipulated by dragon gods or something and they end up Screwing. The second one brings the sons boyfriend in to the mix and the new 3ed one shows the father possibly getting his own boyfriend. I actually don't use myreadingmanga much I mostly stalk U18chan. the search feture on that site is not good but I like reading the comments on some of the comics there pretty funny some times. There is also the Gab comics there more wholesome comedy with a little sex mixed in. But there grate as more then just a porn comic. the pages about his mom made me cry. :')

read them lol there not bad the artist said he didn't much care for this series so he's probably not going to continue it. I kind of hoped the blue dragon and the black trex would drop the wolf and go together because the wolf is kind of an ass. The name would still work XD.

I would love this too but I get the feeling the werewolf will be important later. You may not need to capture him.

I hope I never made the same mistake because I did let the male lust go up a little. It seems a shame if you can mess up the quest like that.

Yay I can get to know Rhot now :3 Thank you!!! 

I like to play android because the only compter I have in the house is the family computer in the living room and I can't exactly play some of these VNs. My phone is the only thing I have that's only mine. at less until I can get a laptop or something that I can use in private.

It seems like everyone only has one ending and there all just as bad probably. I never played any other route and until I get a good ending for Flynn I don't plan on playing again. So I'm holding out until then. I do wonder if the others suffer as much as my poor Flynn. I hope not I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

I was wondering about this too. I don't really want to keep prisoners but I still wouldn't mind knowing how it works. I was kind of hopeing it would become something like. You can build a prison and keep 3 or 4 prisoners and get ingredients based on there drops you normally find when you beat them in battle. Or you can build a room have one of them live with you and they help gather ingredients near the house while your away. That way one gives you an unlimited supply of multiple ingredients and the other nicer option gives you a few random ingredients a day. 

its not just lizardman I like I like pretty much any reptile furry. So I read a lot of Dragon ones as well. If your ever in the mood for some animated T-rex look up TailsUp4Tyranno on Twitter. ;) he also dose horses, dragons, bears and Sharks. But his t-rex stuff is the best.

I did but I never finished it I do know who your talking about though and I have read that comic XD. Personally I like Gabiru and his 3 friends from the anime that time I got reincarnated as a slime. There so cute once Gabiru learns some humility. Even then his 3 friends are adorable. There's a crossover comic that brings Gabiru, Zenberu and Zary together to fight something that turns out to have a different plan for them XD I can't find the comic but you may have seen it already it was relatively new I believe 2019 to 2018 I don't think it was complete that maybe why I can't find it. But regardless if an anime has what some people like to call "Furry bait" I'm all about it grimoire of zero without so good for this and if you can tolerate the graphic images in goblin slayer the lizardman in that is pretty cute as well.

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I was not expecting this today. This is grate I love seeing this get updates again!