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do the saves from the PC verion work on the android verion. I'd like to transfer my save so I can play more.... privately. if you can how whould I go about doing it.

I chose to follow Dozer's root and im a bit of a purist and I reffuse to play other roots until I fully complet his. My god its really something I havent gotten in to a visual Novle like this in a very long time. I do kind of wish it asked me to save before it endded and there was one little bug when you vist the temple and I did tell Spencer about his day so I hope that don't come back to bite me in the ass. but I could not put this down and I ended up playing all that I could in one sitting. I liruly woke up aroun 9AM starting playing this and its now 7AM the next day The story was so amazing I can't wait to keep reading more and finly get my Sexy kaiju in that hotel room. You tesed it so much and left us blue balling longer then Dozer was going to leave the player and thats just mean. I hope to see a update and I do hope my save will still work because it took a very long time to get hear and also can you let us see the last thing that was said when we skip to the next queston so we don't have to awnser compleyly blind in the off chane we need to reload a past save.

This was petty grate Ill have to try to donate I don't have much but I really enjoyed it and wold love to help even a little.