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Kind of frustrating and boring for new players. everything costs to much outside free battles witch is also kind of frustrating because for some reason the game likes to throw curve balls at you by giving you an enemy that just spams an attack and locks your digimon in to the corner. The areas of the digital world should cost different prices and have digimon of different levels with a chance to find different rare digimon on each one but over all at lest one should be low price ment to help new players and give them more to do instead of just train and free battle. I also dont understand the stats. I found that if i dont focus all my training in to defense i get one shot way to easy. However even if i didn't train atk or sp atk for some reason my digi will start to do more damage sometimes. I think it would be more fun if I could have multiple digis runing around at one time and have them interact with each other.

I want to know to. Sucks that the game shown isn't even mentioned.

are the characters from familiar travels in this or playable?

a dragon its furry lingo 

update i found a way to get the game to run fully with no errors but all sound was removed. 

so i made a APK version of the game for android but it looks like all the audio is in the wrong format and wont load on the device thise causes a error every few seconds. i was doing this for a friend of mine and if you allowed it i was going to let other use it as well but there's just to many audio files to convert. they need to be in a m4a format for android to use them. if someone has the time to convert all the audio or replace all the audio using the proper names then i could get a working APK out there for anyone wanting to play on android. 

are there Dergs or reptiles?

hopefully i don't mind starting over if I got to but it may be good to learn what caused it to prevent it from happening in the finished projects. is this made in Rpg maker? if so I maybe able to fix it with a save editor. 

do you by any chance have a tile set for a beach I'm hoping to find a nice set with animated waves that roll in and out over the sand. I'm trying to make a game that will heavily involve a lot of time in a beach setting so I want to make those areas as nice as posable. for some reason itch wont load any images so I cant see the previews.  

nope my Hard drive died and I lost my previous save so I had to start from scratch when I got a new one so there is zero chance this is a error from a previous build. I wouldn't put it past my shitty laptop to some how cause this though. It had problems with other itch games as well.

 I think I remember the the sequence of events that may have caused it but I'm not sure. I spoke to the wolf outside and he told me to use a water bottle on the rats I then walked in encountered one rat realized I may be under leveled ran from that battle then left the dungeon. It was a little while later after a save that I noticed my attack command was still replaced with water attack outside the dungeon. Changing weapons didn't help and relaunching the game never helped besides that I don't know how else I could reverse it I even went back to the dungeon and did a few things in there then left again to see if it was just a missed trigger. Honestly I don't think we really need that attack change for the dungeon unless it's just there to make it more difficult. Regular attacks from other party members deal a lot more damage.

I still managed to get to the end of the current public build like this but it could become a big problem later because attack stats don't seem to affect the damage it causes. It only deals around 4 damage 6 if there weak to water. 

even resetting the game didn't fix it and I saved before I realized so its stuck with my save file if you like I can upload the save file some where so you can check it out for your self. 

Not sure if this was reported or not but it seems like something that may have been but after entering the rat dungeon the MCs main attack is replaced with a very weak water attack and nothing I do seems to make it go back to normal. this makes him almost useless in battle.

I actually just had this error I went back to a weaker area to do a little grinding and just halt the A button down on my controller so they just auto attacked after a while I got this error. I also found that when playing with a controller it's easy to accidentally auto attack. Maybe it has something to do with that.

Can I make one little request? When you do butt play I would love a way to switch him so he's on his back instead of on his knees.

As soon as yoe enter the long area where you fight the first eye go back right away this is how I got it to work.

I found out why it's not working the riddle is wrong it's not up up right right left it's up up right left. The second right is messing us up.

I'm also having trouble with this but I'm doing exactly this up up right right left. Or north north east east west. I'm back in the area with the statue but there is nothing changed no monster shows up. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. If I can't figure it out I'll capture some video to show you what I'm doing maybe you can tell me what I'm doing wrong here.

Oh are the reptile dudes dateable. I may finaly give it a try if they are.

i sent a message on twitter with a link to my save. please help.

I'm still stuck unfortunately. When I saved the guy was already by the crystal so now when I reload he's still there. I'm looking for a way to edit my save so I can put myself in a different location but so far that don't look like its possible any chance I can send you my save file. I read some where that if you play the game in test mode you can walk through walls so you could do that walk put of the building and back in and hope the NPC resets to a place where there not in the way. Sorry if I'm asking to much with this. 

Bugim about 13 hours in to the game and i encountered  a game braking bug please help the green guy walked up by the crystal and got stuck and now im stuck re loading the game doesn't  fix it im just stuck here im in that town with the fishing thing.

Damn it I need to buy this now I'm going to be so broke this week XD

Any update is better then no update. There are so many projects that get stared that where really good but suddenly just disappear or falls in to that Patreon limbo. I'm happy to see this one seems to be sticking around. It's way to hard to find a Visual novel with decent Scalies in them. 

Not sure I can trust anything Echo project release after Flynns route. Seriously messed me up.

i need to ask but is the coach dateable? or is there even going to be any romantic parts to this. i pretty much only downloaded this Because scalies are my thing and its so rare to have them as an option. i don't even care if there is going to be NSFW content or not I just want to romance cute lizard men. i been playing for a while now its starting to look like hes off the table. 

is Zach dateable yet im holding out for him

I have't played in a while a few months at less when I tried to load my Doze save Im getting a error ignoring it causes the game to restart to day 1 and rolling back causes a crash. it took forever for me to get the time to play gain I don't want to spend it replaying.

any way to play in window mode I was going to record a video for my youtube but my set ups not the best yet. and I can't hit record on anything when its full screen. 

Texas maybe? I know whether has caused a major black out there. Hope your doing ok. Don't worry if things are late just stay safe.

Please tell me Dozer is going to make an appearance I would love that.

many cheraters in these games start out kind of a butt. It's when you help them deal with there problems when they get good and you do start to help flynn with them a little before he you know what ever you can call what happened to him happened. It may not have been with the MC but he was getting better. I'm also used to the idea of a Visual novel only having a bad end when you do something wrong so when I got his end I searched the comments to find out what I messed up and found that no it's all supposed to happen and that just annoyed me. So I just never bothered with any other route. I never even looked at smoke room because the same thing is probably going to happen in that. I'll get attached to a cherater then will have a bad I never played the other routes but the others all seem to have some kind of good or neutral end but flynn just has this one bad one. It doesn't really seem fare for the players that may have liked him. Plus he's scaly in a fandom over run by wolves and fox people I like to play the games with scales. 

I haven't stated this one but normally you just install the new apk while the old one is still there. It will realize it's a newer version and install as a update. However if this is anything like the other games they released echoproject then you can't update and unfortunately just got to delete the game along with its save data and install the new one and start from the beginning. This is what I did with there last game and eventually I just stopped and waited for it to be complete. Unlike other projects though these don't take as long to complete aside from echo but I stopped caring about that game when Flynn meet his unfortunate end with no way to help him. 

Yay! I was beginning to worry this may be a dead project. so happy to see it again. 

I would love shirts and stuff maybe even shirts based on the ones in the game.

I Wouldn't mind if we got potions that can change our bodies completely. Like becoming a lizard person or werewolf. Like maybe you can study a werewolf and a wererat and learn how the transformation works and you learn you can make potions with things from these encounters. There are a ton of races in this world and it's kind of a shame we are stuck being a human.

The only complaint I have is that you let me choose my pronouns and name but not the MC art or there voice. It throws me off and makes me uncomfortable. I think I would rather either a choice between a few MCs or even a blank MC. Aside from that the art is really nice and it seems well written for as far as I got in it. For now though it's not for me but I'll keep an eye on the project and try again later.

after you build a prison you can start to learn things that can help catch some things. for example you can learn to catch reptiles from the witch in the swamp she will sell you what you need but you can later learn in your self. they want you to use more then one to have a better chance but I saves mid battle and keeps reloading until I catch them. the reptile one also works on rapters so you can get an awesome mount the only thing I cant figure out is how to put the mounts back in your stable to let them rest. they seem to be stuck following me around.

I hope there ok.