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The 2 button controls where a limitation of the game jam it was made for. The entire game is made with UE4's blueprint visual scripting and the source is available if you wanted to modify the controls. Thanks for playing our game.

Just wondering if and when submissions will see comments from the jam host and if there will be any kind of scoring or judged ranking of the submissions?

so it should open to a menu level with the drop pod. Tap I or O or 1 or 0 to cycle the menu options. Tap both buttons I and O or 1 and 0 to select. In settings you can change input responsiveness. When you start a new game there will be a text scroll,  then it will open to the desert level which is the game.  Please let me know if you continue to have problems. 

are you stuck on the main menu or after intro text?

Thanks for giving it a try Gymmie

Thank you we did work very hard due to the time restriction. Unfortunately non of team members are UI guys so that was just kind of slapped on honestly. As for controls did you play with settings at all? If you do not have any motor impairments setting hold delay to 0.2 and exe delay to 0.1 makes it feel a lot smoother. But increasing the delays enables a person more time to register 2 button tap events and the such. 

Yeah the scroll is a bit quick. The intent was to make it faster to get into the game.  I think it all works well for what it is. However if there is enough interest I wouldn't mind rebuilding this project and make the text unlockable so you can go back and read at your own pace. Maybe put scroll speed in settings as well as fiddle with balance a bit since yeah the generators only make sense if you are doing multiplayer and want to power a larger base.

After input description I just get the hud and a black screen. When I press "D" I get the message "Wait your turn" 

I have registered for this jam, ( my first jam by the way ), and am enlisting the help of an artist friend .  Does my artist also need to register? Or do we need to announce somewhere we are entering as a team? Also is there a team size limit as he may be bringing in a sound guy?

Just asking the question from the title. I am very intrigued by the 2 button limitation but of course my brain jumped to a couple thoughts immediately. 1. Lets use to buttons to have a crazy complex input system where challenge comes from retaining button combos. 2. I should do a complex game like a survival rpg but with supper accessible controls.

I feel number 2 is more in the spirit of the request, however would a game built to have complex and difficult controls off minimal input be acceptable as a submission?