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Thank you! This update made this game a lot more playable, espcially the fact that I can set my clock speed in one click. XD

I hope we could see the "selling many CPUs at once" feature a lot sooner, anyway, It's a lot of fun to play this game, thank you for making it :)

It might be good to to have a cheat/debug menu, which include coin hack (maybe give 100 coins at a time), and a button to turn off day/night cycle (or a button to sleep, so I don't have to go upstairs).

I really like this game's concept, thank you, Dasius ^_^

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I think the "Greatsword" is bugged out (sold for 26 everytime), and I encounter the same issue with tin one hand sword (sold for 20, aka I lost ALL my coins >_< )

Also, swords like to stab into the table, do you have any solution for that?