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how in the fuck did I missed this!! I'll use this and drop some coin soon. Great work.

that's odd, which tool are you using to make them? could be a bug because I used tiled to make the previews and didn't have this problem. I already checked the file and everything is ok, by the looks of it, it seems that the software you're using got the grid off by one pixel.

this looks pretty cool, what is the licence for this?

some time ago I was in dire need of enemies and nowadays everyone is releasing enemies that would fit the game I'm making hahaha. Do you have more packs planned?

Great!! Having the sprites without the transparency works for me but having the psd file with the particles on a separate layer would work for people who want to edit them further. I'll get both asset packs and wait for the update.

Thanks for the response!

Hello friend I'm considering buying these and the skeletons. I just have one question: I notice that the animations use transparency for the particles, do the psd files have the particles on a separate layer so I can modify their transparency or is the whole sprite? Thanks!

I've been looking for a while for music with similar style that I could use for my game, but so far no luck. So if anyone knows an artist or found a music pack somewhere with a similar style I'd appreciate if you could leave a link or name. Thanks!!

are there any plans for a fourth pack? cause man I love your work and is a godsend for what I'm doing

your work is godsend for my project, seriously I can't stress this enough, I'll get both packs but should I expect a third?

ok this is quite a cool asset, could you tell me the size?

they're great, what are their size?