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Hello friend I'm considering buying these and the skeletons. I just have one question: I notice that the animations use transparency for the particles, do the psd files have the particles on a separate layer so I can modify their transparency or is the whole sprite? Thanks!

Hey. Unfortunately, the sprite and transparency are on the same layer. But in the next couple of days I plan to get rid of transparency in general, because This is inconvenient for many users. Would you like this option? Also, if you want, I could add the old version with transparency on different layers in the psd files. 

Thanks for the feedback! It really helps me to develop and prevent mistakes in the future.

Great!! Having the sprites without the transparency works for me but having the psd file with the particles on a separate layer would work for people who want to edit them further. I'll get both asset packs and wait for the update.

Thanks for the response!