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Glad you like it 


They're jumping. Enjoy. Thank you for the feedback, it's important to me.

Okay I'll do it for the engineer, too.

Yeah, I'm thinking about a policeman with a riot-shield, maybe a turret for an engineer (the price of an asset will not change). Also, I'm gonna keep that style up for a while(some cyberpunk stuff). There'll be different factions, gangs, maybe main characters in the next assets. You can communicate with me right here or write to me at

Hey. Unfortunately, the sprite and transparency are on the same layer. But in the next couple of days I plan to get rid of transparency in general, because This is inconvenient for many users. Would you like this option? Also, if you want, I could add the old version with transparency on different layers in the psd files. 

Thanks for the feedback! It really helps me to develop and prevent mistakes in the future.


Well, now it should work.

Hello, um, okay, I'll deal with it today as soon as I get to the computer. Thanks for the feedback! 

Hi! I am very glad that you liked it. It is very motivating! Yes, no problem, I will add block animation for warrior-goblin in 1-2 days. I also plan to add some skeletons this week. If you have any wishes regarding future assets, I will be glad to hear. Thanks.

Sorry for google translation i`m still learning english c:

I’m glad you enjoyed it  с: