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New builds are up. Added support for Oculus Rift. For the time being, the Leap Motion controller should be placed on the desktop, rather than using the VR Developer Mount.

The game starts in VR mode when the Rift is connected. You can toggle VR mode by pressing TAB on your keyboard. Press SPACE at any time to reset the level. Press ESC to exit the game.

The builds aren't configured for the Rift at the moment. Working on putting support back in for it tonight, though. Should have another round of builds available in a couple hours. Will post an update as soon as they're up. Thanks!

Fixed part of the integration issue. Windows build is now available. Uploaded an updated version of the Mac build as well.

Not yet.

Had some difficulty getting the project to build properly with Wwise integrated as our audio engine. Normally we would build for all three standalone systems. Just built for Mac this time around since our development environment is based on it. Will work on getting a Windows version of the build uploaded as well.

Thanks for asking!