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Glad you enjoyed it.


Why is the depth limited to 8 deep? Why not make it 64 deep so you could make a cube shaped object, ie 64w x 64h x 64d?

Thanks for the replay ilanvandijk. It worked fine on both Windows 7 and Mac OS X, but still not in Linux, both outside the Itch app and inside. The app is a bit flakey as it is anyway, so I'll just use it (and save often) in Windows/Mac for the time being until version 2 is released.

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Amos, that link you provided works thanks. I'm from the UK using Virgin Internet if that helps. From my research, it seems that your SSL cert is invalid for being either too long or out of date and that is what's throwing it.

I can't get to use or make Assetforge see custom blocks on Linux either... Wonder if anyone else has this problem. I'll try it on my Mac tomorrow, so if that at least works, I can get by on that for the time being....

I've tried in Windows 7, Linux Mint, 4 different computers, Chrome, IE11, Firefox, with and without VPN. All I get is the images above...

Hi there. I've tried to download the app at but no matter what browser or OS I use, it keeps coming back saying there's an SSL error and makes it impossible to download. Anyone else have this issue?