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Year After Year is a tabletop RPG about an ordinary family living through tumultuous change. We follow their trials and tribulations as the years roll by, with political, technological and social upheaval rocking their world.

YaY is a fairly freeform game, using a simple structure to enable you to generate exciting imagined futures, beginning with the near-future and rolling forward into strange times indeed. The game keeps a focus on the family, their drama and relationships, but getting them caught up in the relentless change that is the theme of the game.

Yay! Looking forward to it.

Hey Jay!

Thanks for replying. Your 200 word game looks great - I like political stuff.

I think The Quiet Year has some similar themes to Legacy, so maybe we could do that?

No idea how best to get started with this... email convo maybe? I'm josh (at) vapourspace (dot) net.



Should have said I'm UK-based! Time-zone sync would probably be an advantage, though not essential.

Cool cool. Not sure where to look, but will have a poke around.

I'm Josh Fox. I probably need to create my own account instead of using the Black Armada one.

Anyway: fave animal as of this moment is OTTER, partly because it seems like it would be fun to be one, and partly because it's the name of my son's class in school.

I'd be interested in responding to Legacy: Life Among the Ruins or Hollowpoint (is it ok that these isn't an itch game?), or better yet something you suggest.

If you're still looking for a co-designer, I'd be up for it.

Would be very happy to work with you on one of the things you listed, or will post a proper intro below with my own suggestions. :)

What the Water Gave Me was originally funded through the Black Armada patreon in July 2019. If you liked it, consider supporting us - you'll be helping us to make more great games, and you'll get access to games like this when they're first created.

What the Water Gave Me by Becky Annison is a diceless, GMless tabletop roleplaying game for 3-5 players.  It is set in two time periods the English 17th Century and the modern day. In this game you  weave a story of tragedy and death between the the two time periods connected by a dark and sinister, cursed millpool.  This is a story of tense drama and relationships with lots of support for improvisation and advice on how to frame scenes.

At the end of the game you will have a deck of cards with some key words and names scribbled on a few cards.  This is your artifact to keep and reuse in future games just as the millpool collects is victims.

Play will take around 3-4 hours and you'll need some paper and pens and a deck of playing cards with the Jokers removed.

Content warning: this is a game with themes of death, drowning and suicide.

Yay! I'm excited about it - I can't get to US conventions so it's wonderful to hear about it being run there :)


Soap Bubble is a tabletop roleplaying game where you create your own TV soap opera. You play the characters in your TV show, and the actors who play them. You switch back and forth between the characters and their actors, playing through the drama in their lives. You also get to mess around with interesting audience-level stuff and share collective ownership of the Director who runs the show.

Soap Bubble is PWYW, but if you like it you might also want to check out the Black Armada patreon ( as that's where we're developing our short RPGs.

Flotsam: Adrift Amongst the Stars is a tabletop roleplaying game about outcasts, renegades and misfits living in the belly of a space station, in the shadow of a more prosperous society.

You each play a character living on the space station, and you'll explore their relationships and the drama in their lives. You also control a single situation which you'll use to create problems for the characters to contend with. 

A simple token-based mechanic is used to decide who gets what they want, and who gets deeper into trouble. And the system rewards exploring and developing your personal relationships and weaknesses. You watch your character change over time.

Characters you can play in Flotsam include:

  • The Thunder, a gang leader or law enforcer
  • The Spider, a trader, spymaster or criminal
  • The Voice, a cultist, community leader or demagogue
  • The Cast-Off, a drifter and freelancer
  • The Sybyl, a prophetess with uncanny powers
  • The Hybrid, a blend of human and something else (AI, alien, god)

You could push forward a Situation like:  

  • The Community’s social strife and internal divisions
  • The relentless effects of Poverty
  • The Gangs who run things down here
  • The Above, a more prosperous and powerful society
  • The Spirits who inhabit this place
  • The people and things that come and go from Outside the station

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Still getting to grips with itch and hadn't realised announcing things here was a thing! So here's the first of some game "announcements" that are a bit late in coming...

Lovecraftesque is a tabletop storytelling game of creeping cosmic horror. Your group create an eldritch mystery, one clue at a time. The game's mechanics mean that nobody knows the truth behind the mystery until the very end of the game - yet the clues fit together as though there was an invisible GM directing the story.

The game is like a classic horror story, in that you play a single isolated protagonist and drive them towards their (almost) inevitable doom.

It's chock-full of useful resources to support the game (and you could use them with other horror games too): essays on racism and mental health, and over a dozen evocative scenarios.