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Madman In A Box

The adventures in time and space of an eccentric traveller and their companions · By Black Armada Games

Madman In A Box just went live!

A topic by Black Armada Games created Feb 18, 2022 Views: 28 Replies: 5
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I've just published Madman In A Box to itch. Here's some interesting stuff about the game.


MMIB is a GMless mystery game, like Lovecraftesque. When the game starts you'll arrive on a new planet, or a new historical period, and begin populating it with intriguing details. Each turn one of you will play the Nemesis, bringing in Lore that will later be woven together into a villainous plot! Between scenes you each privately leap to conclusions about what the Lore so far might mean, and who the villain is - then use that to guide your contributions when you take your turn as Nemesis.


Unlike many other -esque games, there are several central characters: the Traveller, of course, but also their Companions. The Companions are there to ask stupid questions and get into trouble, making life more interesting for the Traveller. You can also follow the Companions when they go off on their own adventures.

The Traveller and their Companions are each interesting, quirky individuals who are great fun to play!


MMIB uses cards to fuel your creativity. Each game you get some prompts which you can draw on to shape the kind of story you'll tell. They're different every time, but evoke the weird, madcap romps of television SF.

The game comes with a print file so you can play physically, but also a file you can upload to in order to play virtually.


MMIB was funded by the generous support of the Black Armada Patreon.


Do get in touch if you have questions about the game!