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Looks, plays, sounds.....awesome! Great job.

Thanks, glad you like it. Appreciate the bonus points! :o)

Cheers. Watch this space! :o)

Thanks. It was originally written as a proof of concept for a scrolling Underwurlde with authentic gameplay feel. It's currently top of my list of projects to work on next.

Thanks, good to hear you're enjoying the game. Good luck with it! ;o)

Thanks, that's really sincere feedback. Mac and Linux versions were a bit of a learning curve, but got there in the end. Sadly the downloads on both are quite low, compared to Windows PC, so for solo devs like me, it's hard to justify the time and hassle. Tricky one. Anyway, enjoy the game! ;o)

Thanks, glad you like it. ;o)

Thanks, have fun!

Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it. ;o)

You're welcome :o)


You're welcome.

Thanks ;o)

Thanks. Not sure if I'll do anything with my other old Retrospec games. But who knows!

De nada ;o)

Yep, it was me! :o)

Just released an updated version of my Skool Daze remake from 23 years ago!  Plays a bit nicer with newer versions of Windows, runs in widescreen and supports more resolutions.

De nada :o)


Haha, thanks very much, although the Ferranti ULA will play more of a role in this version...  Melkhior’s Mansion by Bob's Stuff (

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Yeh that's cool, I understand what you mean and the game does already support those higher resolutions, but only if it thinks your desktop resolution is high enough. When determining what zoom levels to offer, I look at the logical height of the game window, which is 270 pixels, then see how many times I can zoom that before it equals or goes over the height of the desktop, that's why you get offered up to x3.  On a 1080 pixel high desktop, x4 is the same a full screen and x5 would be too big, so those options aren't offered. I think the maximum you'll see, if you desktop resolution is high enough, is x7, so that would be 3360 x 1890. There's always the option to manually resize the window if the option you want isn't available, and it will remember the window size. I do wonder if I tried to make it too clever! It was fun to code, but a pain in the back side at the same time :o)

Thanks for the feedback, glad you're enjoying the game. It does try to figure out the highest resolution you're going to want to see as an option. It doesn't include your highest resolution, because that's full screen. The logic assumes standard HD aspect ratio. Have to be honest, I didn't even consider ultra wide. It's a lot of work to "resize" the display for any aspect ratio in a way that avoids changing the ratio so if you select full screen, it simply stretches to fit, which is why you're seeing a stretched display.

Support for none XBox compatible gamepads worked in the demo version by using a 3rd party component, it's not natively supported by Monogame. That component had extra dependencies which was proving troublesome for some installations of Windows, so I chose to remove support for gamepads not supported by Monogame.

Sorry about that.

Excellent, thanks for the info. ;o)

Hi Gunther,

Thanks, it's been a bit of a learning curve, and I'm not quite there yet with some Mac hardware, but I'll keep plugging away.

I'm at the very edge of my Mac knowledge, it's all quite new to me. I can send you a test build that targets 10.12. Can you email me? You'll find my email address at BitGlint Games



Cool, I waited on them for a while, see if anything else got reported.

Ahh, brilliant, thanks for the info. ;o)

Following last month's release of retro isometric run around, Melkhior's Mansion, I've now pleased to announce that version are available for Linux and Mac.

Download for FREE from here!

Thanks, enjoy the game ;o)


Thanks. There is still a palette bug in the latest version, it resets when you collect all 10.

Brilliant, thanks for the info. I'm loving that it's working on distros other than Ubuntu. :o)

Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like you've hit the nail on the head with the cause of the issue. Appreciate you taking the time to look into it and suggest a workaround. I'll get that fixed up in the code. ;o)

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Excellent, well done. Interesting to hear your thoughts on the difficulty level, that's really hard to get right. Of course, for some people it'll still be too easy, or too hard. You can't please 'em all! The soap and wand do "similar" things. The eye is most useful for Lester.

Thank you, that's really nice feedback. :o)

Thanks! ;o)

Already being worked on, but my total lack of Mac knowledge if hampering the situation. That said, I have an expert on hand to help.  Keep watching this space. :o)

The OpenGL version is mainly for Linux and Mac, but no harm in trying a PC build. Drop me an email if you're interested and I'll discusss it with you further. My email address can be found here...  BitGlint Games

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Thanks for the feedback. Your experience of the game is exactly what we were hoping to hear. It's a bit hard, a bit old school, a bit 80s, but not so difficult once you get used to it. Yep, that's exactly it! :o)

Haha, thanks. Yeh I would like to move on, still battling with the Linux/Mac version at the moment though. :o)