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Hi, that's very unusual, sounds like it could be driver related. Is your PC up to date with all Windows updates and graphics drivers? Do you have any unusual hardware installed?

Thanks. Should only be a few months away now, we're about 90% done.


That's nuts. Love how you've gone 3D but kept the graphics the same. It's like being in the Speccy version!! :o)

Thanks, glad you like it ;o)

Thanks for the suggestions, always good to get ideas.

- I'll look into the shadow option, might look a bit odd, who knows.

- The on screen map will be accessible from certain places in the game, so you don't have to use them if you don't want to.

- 4:3 ratio would mean some of the larger screens wouldn't fit on screen.

- Haven't finalised Lester's death object yet. The moustache could work.

Thanks for the comments. I'll think about a speed option, but I need to consider if that might introduce a sort of "cheat" in tricky situations. A 16-bit graphics option and alternative music aren't really feasible. It would mean asking the artist and musician to do twice the work, and they're already doing it for free :o)

Thanks, appreciate your comments, especially about the pixel work because I'm not very good at that, hence the simple flat look.

It wouldn't be Underwurlde without that "frustration factor" :o)

Thanks,  glad you like it.

Thanks. I don't normally pixel, so it's been a struggle!! :o)

Years ago I started tinkering with a remake of Underwurlde, the ZX Spectrum game from Ultimate Play the Game. The project was abandoned, but recently I've started again from scratch using C#/Monogame and released a prototype.

Underwurlde Project

Oh ok, that's an interesting one, I'll add it to my troubleshooting notes. Anyway, glad you like it. The finished version will be released as freeware, mainly due to it's affinity with Ultimate/Rare's old classics.

Well I've done the update (that was a scary one!!) and it still works ok here, I'm now on version 19042. I might need to compile a new version to get to the bottom of this issue. If you're happy to take a newer version, can you drop me an email? Contact details are in the Readme.txt file included with the distribution. Thanks ;o)

Oh, that's odd, but thanks for mentioning it. I notice you're on a slightly later build of Windows than me. I'll do an update and see if that affects how things run here.

Great stuff Bob ;o)

Thanks Andy, glad you like it and appreciate the comments. We'll get it finished one day. :o)

Interesting stuff, looking forward to hearing some sounds coming out of it :o)

Thanks and well done on completing it. Only takes about 4 minutes when you know where everything is :o)

Ahh not much then :o)

Good luck Bob ;o)

Hi Bob, thanks for the feedback, it's very much appreciated. To answer your questions...

1. There is no jumping, it's just a run around game.

2. Yes, I think there is a problem here. I'll add it to the bug list.

3. The final version will probably have an auto map feature.

Thanks again,



Haha, now I feel like I've saved 2020!! :o

Thanks, lovely to hear more positive feedback. It's quite different from Knight Lore and Alien 8, more running, less jumping :o)

Thanks for the feedback, glad you're enjoying it.