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Loving it so far Bob. It's an amazing effort and also quite humbling to see someone putting so much time into squeezing our game onto the beloved (but limited!!) Spectrum. Slightly mad of course, but at least you're not attempting a ZX81 version :o)

Oh yeh of course, it'll be DirectX 11, I'd forgotten about the SharpDX files. Yeh it's a hard game to start with, but becoming familiar with the map makes things easier. There's also a hints and tip page at if you're getting stumped. Anyway, glad you've got it running ok now, I'll add that GL build to the download list. Have fun! :o)

That's odd, not a problem I've seen before. It's written using Monogame, I'm not sure which version of DX that targets, a quick search doesn't reveal much. There is no DX switch. I've just compiled an OpenGL version for Windows if you'd like to try it.  The link is

Thanks! :o)

Thanks! :o)

Thanks, glad you like it. I've got no plans to make any further changes to it though, sorry! :o

Just press the fire button to shoot a projectile at the monsters. The default key to fire is Z, or button A on a gamepad, but you can also redefine the keys. Press X to open chests, or button B. Again, this can be defined to a key of your choice.

Thanks for the info. I tested the game on Ubuntu 22.04 and I didn't have to do that. I'll upgrade the OS and see if I get the same problem that you're seeing.

Sorry, there are no cheats built in, gonna have to do it the hard way. :o)

Cheers Jonathan, hope you enjoy revisiting it. Weird that I've just been watching a video of Banger Management, all those sprites running so smoothly, looks amazing. ;o)

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Thanks for the mention.





Thanks, I'll watch that later, just gotta go sand down a door frame first! Thanks also the Melkhior's Mansion review last year. :o)

Ok cool, thanks for letting me know.

You're welcome. Thanks for those kind words. :o)

Sorry to hear that. Drop me an email and I'll see what I can do. My email address is here...  BitGlint Game

Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear you're enjoying it. That's a fair point regarding the tutorial. When you're developing a game, and playing it day in, day out, it's so easy to forget that someone completely new to it is not going to know these things. If I do another release, I'll extend that map to cover it. :o)

Ahh brilliant, enjoy the game. :o)

Glad to hear it, thanks for the feedback.

Sí, he subido un archivo zip Win32.

Ahh brilliant, glad to hear it works. Not sure what you mean by that thing on the "About" screen. Would you be able to email me a screenshot to the email address here... BitGlint Games

The Linux Arm 64 version is now available. I have no means of testing it, so please let me know how you get on with it.

Hmmm, that's odd. Have a look in the Undrium folder and you should see a sub folder called Log. Can you email me the files in that folder? My email address is here...  BitGlint Games

Very likely. I'll sort one out later today, just doing a spot of decorating at the moment. :o)


No, I think it's stalled again. There's been no update on the project blog for over a year...  Melkhior’s Mansion – SpecNext Developer HQ

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Sorry but that's not likely to happen. It was written sooooo long ago that I didn't even consider such things back then, and the code base is 24 years old now. It would have to be rewritten. :o/

Thanks for info, useful stuff.



Ahhh brilliant, thanks for letting me know.


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I've had a couple of Mac users report it doing the same. The crash reports have shown that it's trying to run from "/private/var/folders/". Where are you trying to run it from? On my Mac, I just double click the app bundle icon from the Downloads folder. I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to MacOS, so be gentle! :o)

Brilliant, thanks for letting me know. Have fun.

It was a regional issue, my bad. Can you try version 1.1?  I've just uploaded it.

Ahh, I see the problem. I've just uploaded version 1.1. Would you mind trying it?

Hi, thanks for the info. What distro are you using and what regional settings are you running under?