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Made this one a few months ago, but I just noticed it's not in the collection.

Thank you!!!

RE: security error - I honestly have no idea what could've caused this! My best guess is that it has something to do with the way the program handled exporting it as an HTML5 browser game...? I don't think this has happened in the non-browser version. Thanks for letting me know! I'll look into it.

Really beautiful and sweet! I thought the use of the rewind button as a gameplay mechanic was really creative and very well implemented. Highly recommended.

Hey, thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

Honestly, we're really overwhelmed with the response to this thing! I initially thought it would just be a fun little Valentine's stream game for SGF, and not necessarily even released publicly. But since people seem to like it and want a "deluxe" version so to speak, we're seriously considering it. It's a pretty strong possibility that there will be some kind of update. I can't say how extensive of an update yet, but... probably something, yes! There was a lot we had to cut due to lack of time.