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Honestly, we're really overwhelmed with the response to this thing! I initially thought it would just be a fun little Valentine's stream game for SGF, and not necessarily even released publicly. But since people seem to like it and want a "deluxe" version so to speak, we're seriously considering it. It's a pretty strong possibility that there will be some kind of update. I can't say how extensive of an update yet, but... probably something, yes! There was a lot we had to cut due to lack of time.

To you + Koko above: That really sounds awesome! Deadlines really are the bane of development when you have to cut things, but they're also helpful in making sure that it does get done. I definitely look forwards to seeing what you add if/when the Deluxe version comes! Oh, and is there a place I can go to throw a few dollars your guys' way?

we've been paid enough........... in smiles............ B]

Well, have another! :D