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I'm glad to hear it! Thank you so much :)

Hahah! I'm so glad. Wield that catharsis like a hammer.

Hey everyone! I just published a singleplayer horror-writing TTRPG where you get to know the demon that's stalking you. There's free copies right now, get them while they last!

I'm so glad you liked it!! Thank you so much for commenting on both of these, it makes me so happy that you enjoy them. 😊 Good point about Stand Trial--it may be too strong. 

I'm so glad you like them! It really makes my day to know that you enjoyed them so much 😊

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I'm so glad you like it! I kind of view this subclass as a kind of knight-errant driven by instincts of kindness, and so going with the theme of movement, their oath gives them the ability to instantly rescue others from great danger or put themselves exactly where they need to be.

I have a file in booklet format all ready to go! E-mail me and I'll reply with it.

Thanks! I'll fix that soon. Converting it into a different editing software mangled the text, and I definitely missed some typos.

Ah, okay! Do you have access to a duplex /double-sided printer? 

Hello! I'm so glad you're enjoying it. If you'd like it as a physical copy, you can e-mail me your address at and I can mail you a pre-printed booklet.

Yep! It is for 5E. Sorry it didn't say that in the description.

My longest project I've ever made—26 pages of poisons and rules for using poison. Took me months of work on and off. I hope y'all enjoy!

Just adding this! The oaths I usually count as one bc of bundling, so I hope this is okay.

Hey! Just adding these real quick. They're not much, but I hope they help.

Retro and gory! Nightmarish in a super fun way. :)

Here's a 5e Paladin subclass, featuring lovely art by a dear friend.

Here's a playbook for Dungeon World that I wrote! I think it came out well—fun and weird and kinda spooky.