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I'm glad you like Syd! And yes, Jayda has proven incredibly popular... I hope everyone gives the other characters a chance too though! I think they'll be pleasantly surprised at the depth of all the possible romantic relationships!

And yes, the march has a focus on Steph in particular... but you'll have a chance to spend time with everyone on the trip to Sydney (the city!). I hope everyone looks forward to it!

Also, Maisy has her dedicated birthday party at the end of the game, but aside from that... she finds a way to take some limelight during all the social events! ;)

It is definitely ironic that this game has taken so long despite the short literal timeframe of the setting lol!

Hello there!! Thanks so much for writing about LoveSick Darlings! I'm glad you enjoyed the conversations, they're easily what I'm most proud of in the game. I love this group of friends and thinking of fun silly things for them to talk about together is a great joy of mine. Syd defending Jayda from the shadows is a a scene that has become iconic to the LoveSick Darlings playerbase, and I'm glad that resonated with you too!

What you said about the Steph run has been noted! I know exactly what conversation you're talking about, and I had thought I fixed that problem...... however, clearly it's still occuring! I will dive into the code and fix up any loose ends I left behind. Sorry about that, and thanks for letting me know!

Sadly, I have no news of a new release date. I grossly overestimated the Kickstarter release date and....... ever since, I've been very reluctant to put out a release window. Considering 2022 is nearly over, and the game is definitely not coming out this year, I think it's for the best that I wait until the last moment till I put out a release date. I'm sorry if that's disappointing, but I wanna be 100% transparent with everyone, and I also don't wanna let anyone down again with an incorrect release date!

Whenever you're back on Twitter, I suggest following the offical @LoveSick Darling account for all the latest news and updates! When this game gets a release date, Twitter will be the first to know! There also a bunch of surprises and announcements going up on Twitter every now and again, with the potential for a fun livestream-themed-surprise to be going up soon 👀

Thanks for following the development of LoveSick Darlings!!

Thank you! I will keep those words in mind as I work!

Hello Daniel!! I am so sorry for the slow response - as you can likely tell, I am way less active on Itch than my other platforms so i didn't quite see this topic right away woops!

First of all, thank you so much for the kind words! I really put everything into making the characters uniquely lovable and flawed, so I'm glad you've enjoyed playing.

To ease your worries, there have been advancements! They are just, sadly, very slow. This project has grown into a truly massive undertaking, and I am constantly trying to wrangle it under control. I am sorry to keep you and everyone else waiting for so long... as the sole developer, I do take responsibility.

But if you would like to keep up to date with LoveSick Darlings, I strongly recommend both the game's Twitter and Kickstarter pages! I post updates there all the time, and even exclusive content sometimes! The June 2022 Kickstarter update will be online there in a couple of days too :)

In any case... your voice has been heard! I have always promised to finish this game, and I can personally promise to you here and now that I'm gonna finish this game no matter what! I'm sorry that's going to involve some waiting for you, I have so much more I need to write and so many more choices to implement - but I hope you'll be there to play when it's ready :)

Seriously, your comment has been very kind and I love hearing such nice feedback for this game! I won't let you down.

Hello there! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and kind words! I enjoyed reading what you had to say.

I'm glad to hear the story was so engaging! I wanted to just focus on the dialogue and characters for a story like this, because I think people would much rather hear about what the characters are saying and doing rather than how a certain park bench they may be sitting on feels hahaha. But I think thats just my style of writing! I put in what I like to see in books/games/VNs.

You will find many other fellow Jayda fans, don't worry! I hope you enjoy her content in the full game too, and I'm even happier to hear you enjoyed spending time with the rest of the cast too. I wanted to really convince people to spend time with as many different characters as possible by making each character's story as compelling as possible, and not to just focus on their one favourite.

Also, it is true that a lot of the "reacting to your relationships" is backloaded towards the end of the game but... I think you're right, some indication of this feature earlier on in the demo could really help! I will honestly take this into consideration next time I edit the earlier parts of the game. I think by the end of the second week the characters, especially Maisy, should be saying something if you ignored her and are just spending time with Jayda instead.

And as per the additional note:
I would love to have as many moments as I can covered with special CG artwork - but sadly the budget is stretched as thin as possible, and I want to pay my artists ethically to create as ethical a product as possible and reward their hard work. There are additional CGs in the making, but of course - moments WILL slip through the cracks. I'd love to revisit the idea of adding more art in the future, maybe post-launch if the game is succesful, but I can't make any promises. Thank you for this feedback too though.

Again, thanks so much for commenting and writing about your experience playing LoveSick Darlings! Hearing from players always gives me extra motivation, and your thoughts were enlightening and interesting to read too :)

I hope you have a lovely rest of your day and enjoy the full game when it comes out!

Hey there! Great to hear from you again.

I love those comparisons and connections you made! THey're really interesting! I especially like the connection between Toji and Grace. The way they express their hurt and worry through aggresiveness is uncannily similar. Also, Stuart is definitely more Kaworu than anyone else in the cast, with his calm demeanour. Once I watch the rebuild movies, I'll see if Mari and Jayda line up! EVen though she definitely shares more traits with Shinji atmhahah!

And please, feel free to let me know of any mistakes or bugs you find! It's extremely helpful and a great way to make sure the game is as polished as can be.

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Hey there! Thanks so much for playing, and even moreso for sharing your thoughts here!

First and foremost, I really love hearing about people's thoughts and interpretations of the characters in LoveSick Darlings - so I don't wanna take away from your understanding, especially because I like what you said about Nacho's own interpretation about the painting and how he is related to it. I also like the thought that Nacho could be a part of Syd's past he's trying to repress! I mean, who knows... there may be a reason Syd is so averse to Nacho! Almost as if he has experience with seeing people hurt his loved ones and can't stand for it... but I won't say too much more here!

But, to answer your question, I did want to write Nacho to be a bit more complex than "douche who manipulates Maisy that players are meant to hate." I think the argument at the art exhibition is one of the more revealing looks at his character, and I genuinely wanted to shock players with this info:
Nacho IS intelligent.
Because manipulators, unfortunately, ARE intelligent. And that's an uncomfortable truth to have to consider.

It's so easy to sit around thinking that every manipulative douchebag out there is stupid, and it's even more tempting as a writer to present them that way.

But the thing is, to treat someone like Nacho treats Maisy requires a level of calculation that can't be found in someone dim-witted. I think that's what I wanted to show in this scene: Nacho isn't a meathead. Hell, if he used his intelligence in other more genuine ways he probably wouldn't have to lie to Maisy, and they might still be in a relationship anyway. But he doesn't know how to do this. Nacho grew up in our world where it wasn't kindness or consideration that got people to the top - it was ruthlessness and using people. It's people who are willing to do anything that are consistently rewarded by society - and he understood that from an early age. He's lived his whole life manipulating and using people to get ahead - and so far, it's gone well. Sleeping with lots people is something his circle of friends and world rewards and praises him for - it's another way of gaining social standing and asserting dominance. In his eyes, it's no different than winning a prize or competition. Each girls he sleeps with is another medal. Another one to add to the "conquest" and will add to his reputation. And to him, it's so easy because all he has to do is look good and lie - which is especially effective on girls younger than him. I don't think he even has a thing for younger girls - they just happen to be the easy way of "scoring points." It's very calculated in that way, and I genuinely think he enjoys the displays of dominance and control moreso than the actual sexual acts he performs with these girls. He's really messed up!

But anyway, that's my long (and perhaps unwanted!) analysis of the silly villainous side-character in LoveSick Darlings! It's hard to explore him in-game, because on some level I do think he's a product of a toxic environment... but also, he's an absolute douchebag who views people as trophies and objects. He deserves the hatred, and it'd take a long time for someone like him to make up for the damage he causes to the world.
Plus, the entire game is from Syd's point of view and... Syd doesn't really care how much of Nacho's shitty behaviour is his fault! In his eyes, Nacho is just a douchebag who deserves whatever he has coming. And I think that's valid.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! I really enjoyed reading them. Again, I don't want my thoughts as a writer to affect or change your headcanon. I just felt like sharing them in case they were interesting!

Hey there!
Thank you so much for the kind words and for reaching out! I am also glad to hear you enjoyed the demo so much! Your takes on all the characters are totally spot-on, especially with Maisy - a character I hope to make the queen of mixed signals! I think she isn't really aware of what she wants either. Much to the detriment of... everyone else around her.

I am so happy to hear you had a great time and I hope the full product, when it's ready, meets your expectations!

Yes we do! Sorry I'm not active on itch, but I promise I am still working! You can see me on Twitter and Kickstarter lots of the time :)

That's a really good point! I'll take that into consideration!

I never really thought about how a pricetag would imply a level of quality, but that's totally true! Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you! I'll compile some thoughts about the darker elements and share them sometime!

I highly recommend all of my references! Especially Persona 4 Golden - that was a HUGE inspiration for LoveSick Darlings!

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Hello there! Thank you so much for playing and for sharing such kind words! I am really glad this game stuck with you, and I hope it continues to stay with you (a bit less intensely, at least).

A full price hasn't been 100% confirmed but... something in the realm of 10-12 USD is what you should expect! Different platforms take different revenue cuts, so prices may vary depending on where you buy it (Steam vs Itch).

Thanks again for showing interest and for following this game! Your support means the world to me :)

Why thank you for the kind words! I am so glad you enjoyed playing and that it was so engrossing. Creating a unique atmosphere and getting people invested in the characters and story has always been my goal so I am so glad it reached you :)

I hope you look forward to the full release!

Some really interesting thoughts on branching paths! Love it!

As someone who is really leaning into having a shit-ton of branching paths in my own game, I totally feel and understand what you're saying. It's crazy to me that some games decide their "routes" over a single decision made by a player. I think it's much more natural to keep it fluid, in a similar way that Complex Relations does too!

Hey there! Thank you so much for taking the time to try out LoveSick Darlings! And even more so, thank you for posting about it! I love hearing from people who enjoyed my game!

I am so glad you enjoyed it! Regretting every moment you spent not downloading it is very high praise, thank you! I am also pleasantly surprised you enjoyed the sound design. The music in this game is great, and I'm proud of it - but I've never ben told it has good sound design before! So, thank you! Especially considering you have such an eye for sound design.

I am glad you are looking forward to the full experience - hopefully you won't be waiting too long! I am so grateful to have you follow me and get invested into this game. Your feedback is invaluable. Thank you!

Hell yeah! 😎

Does this work on the steam version too? I can't find the patch on the steam version of the game's store page is all :)

Of course! This post is definitely not meant to be hard on my self or anything. It's introspective, but I don't mind that my characters were unintentionally similar. In fact, it makes me happy because I feel like I'm really tapping into something real and relatable across fiction!

But yeah, I agree that stories are about how authors package the human experiences! And I do truly think LoveSick is a unique package :)

Maisy ESPECIALLY speaks only for herself...

Hey, I'm glad it was interesting! Misato is a lovely human being and lady, but her heart belongs to Kaji and Kaji alone!

See, there you go! These coincidences are wild! The collective unconscious is at work again!

Or, Eva is so ingrained into culture that countless pieces of art/media draw directly from it? It's hard to tell where the line is drawn... and whether there even is aline! Still, that is indeed quite the coincidence.

Xolf speaks only for himself!!

Doctor Fluffy! Thank you for your extremely kind words! Hopefully your medical expertise can help treat your LoveSick-ness ;)

I am so glad to hear you enjoyed playing through LoveSick, and that you felt so connected with these characters! LoveSick does its best to create realistic situations for our beloved down-to-earth cast to express themselves, and I'm glad you could relate to them!

I'm even more happy to hear you emotionally resonated with the situations and characters in the game! It is all written with my heart poured into the characters and their various circumstances. One of the game's main themes is the importance of love, friendship, and the relationships that form through those bonds! :)

Jayda really is the dream girlfriend in a lot of ways, I'm happy she resonates with you. I'm also happy to hear you enjoy the company of all the other friends and people in Syd's life too! They all offer something different and getting to know them all is hopefully just as rewarding! (Even if one's heart is set only on Jayda!). I put a lot of effort into the art exhibition, and especially when Jayda receives the award. Super glad to hear that moment stood out to you :)

Also, I'm glad the choices felt meaningful and impactful! I want players to feel a certain sense of control, even if things don't always go as expected! So, I'm glad that's been something you've enjoyed. The degree of being able to choose is something I take very seriously when making this game, and I want to keep having players like you making hard decisions and creating your own stories and experiences within LoveSick Darlings!

Even if, like you said, you don't write many reviews and only opened the itch account to leave this review - I am so grateful to hear from you! Hearing about people's experiences with this game is always such a joy and inspires me to work even harder!

Thanks so much for the support, and I really hope you enjoy the full release when it comes out! (In just over three months! Nearly there!). I will keep working hard and make you (and everyone else) proud! THANK YOU!

Oh, such kind words! Thank you!

Best on the entire site is some wonderful praise to hear! Especially because itch has so many great games!

I'm glad the messages and topics covered in LoveSick were interesting for you! I want the game to touch on real emotions, experiences, feelings.

Thanks so much for playing, and for writing to me! I hope you look forward to the game's full release!

Hey there!

Because Itch doesnt really do update releases via patching your files, you have to download all the files again sadly. The demo hasnt been updated in a few months though - so chances are you are on the latest and greatest version!

Thanks for asking though :)

I hope so too!!!

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Thanks SO much for writing about the game! I love hearing people's thoughts, and it's so great and wonderful to hear from someone who've stuck with this game for so long! I mean... the days before Grace and Stu had sprites feels like a LIFETIME ago! Where did it all go? I'm almost nostalgic for those strange simple times where I worked a job I hated and scrapped together this little game in my spare time!

But like you said best, the game is better than it ever has been! I'm so glad your subsequent playthrough was so much fun for you - even if you made the same (or similar!) choices! I hope you continue playing for a long time yet.

I'm so happy you've stuck by this game for so long - and thanks for sharing your thoughts with me (and us all!)

You rule! Thanks so much!

Hahaha, I am just glad you're looking forward to the full release

It's pretty hard to say not Jayda's charm! She's so honest and lovely, it's hard not to love her.

Thanks heaps!

Hey, thanks so much for all the amazing feedback - and for taking the time to come and tell me your thoughts! Let me address all your points below :)

- I'm glad the choices are abundant and help you feel free!
- I'm super happy to hear you love all of the game's heroines, and that choosing between them all is hard. I definitely don't want it to be easy for people to allocate their time!
- Sorry to hear the cliffhanger has you waiting, but at least you can look forward to the game's full release!
- Maisy's body not matching her face? Interesting... I haven't heard that before but I will keep it in mind :)
- Ah, I can see how the choices might feel pressured or forceful. Don't worry! I understand that the choices can be scary, and some of them are and will affect the game's path permanently, but as far as "choosing" between all the girls - none of the choices yet lock anyone in or out of the running to be Syd's romantic partner. At least... not yet. Choices late into the game, the last "week", week 9, is when all those big decisions are getting made. Those chices are just to help players get ready and reall be put in Syd's shoes, as he will eventually need to make his final decisions :)
- Stuart is getting a rather expanded role as a side character, i can promise that. Grace has her own secret questline - but no dedicated hang-out. We can see about that later if the demand is there once the game is out!
- Sprites for side characters like Syd's parents, and many other parents too, would be lovely. They're something that I may have to do post-launch though. The sprite artist has moved onto another project now, so I would need to get another artist - and that can be an issue in itself too. I will keep this suggestion in mind though!

Thank you for the support, and for taking the time to tell me all your thoughts! It is all very appreciated!

I totally got what you meant, and understood everything you said too so don't worry! :)

Thanks again,

Oh hadn't joined this one yet!

hey there! Agreed, it is ALWAYS great to see fellow aussie devs! Which discord server dyou mean? Im on a fair few of them!

I have a youtube channel for trailers and livestreams and commentary archives - but no "youtube content" as it were. I am swamped with work as is, but I wish I could make youtube videos for the game too!

Thanks for the kind words and praise though! 🤩

I will, thanks!

I'm going to the home of visual novels...!

I am glad I can give all Dimitri's out there a good name!

You're all good, you can contact me wherever and however you like! :)

Consistency, as you've well surmised, is definitely the focus of LoveSick Darlings! Frankly, marketing the game has been a much bigger struggle as a "sales" mindset does NOT come to me naturally!

Oh, I'm glad the Steam algorithm gave this game to you! I do wonder how many people who download the game on Steam find it thanks to the queues that they do! I'm only sorry Steam sent my game to you once crowdfunding was over...

No, no, I totally get what you're saying about typos! I completely and totally understand! :D

I can't I know much about what the best kind of representation is, but the basic idea is that I am basing a lot of the family dynamics and relationships in this game off of the experiences of myself and my friends when growing up. I definitely apologize if it comes off as ingenuine or wrong, especially in regards to culture. I may have been experiencing anomalies and unusual situations with my friends. Stuart and Grace's mum is definitely the more intense one! But their Dad is much the same in his support - he's just a bit more stoic and strict. But he trusts Stu and Grace's mum to "handle the kids" with her overbearing and business-like mindset.

Woden is not my favourite part of town either! Lyneham shops are definitely nice though :)

Thanks for all the kind words and feedback JT! I look forward to hearing from you!

Hello JT!
First of all, thanks so much for writing such detailed feedback and for sharing your thoughts with me! I love hearing feedback from playes and it's great to hear everything you had to say! I don't know if I can address all your points fully, but I will do my best!

Thanks for the compliment on my username, hahah! It's a name I made up when i was 12, thought it was really cool, and it just stuck to me tbh. Later in life I found out, by some divine coincidence, that my username was also the name of the final boss in Sonic Adventure 2. Which is... kind of crazy lol. Ever since, all people usually say is "DAMN YOU LIKE SA2?!" and all I can say is that I have NEVER played it, hahah!

I am really glad the game impressed you overall! And that it even spurred the creation of an itch account! I did make sure to get nice and comfy too while reading :)

It's great to hear that the troubles I presented feel relatable to you, and others too. i want the characters to feel as real as possible, and tackling serious issues is a part of it. But I also wanted to make sure I don't cloud the game with negativity - these characters are just like us. They have ups. And downs. Things happen, they change, and people keep on living even if things are bad. It's what we all do day-to-day, and I want the cast to reflect that reality. I did my best to keep them consistent too!

I'm glad you had fun exploring various paths too! The tutorials are fun to write, so it's assuring to hear they're fun to read as cheeky 4th-wall-breaks too!

Grace is definitely a... "deliberate" departure from visual novel cast members. She has her own hard-to-access subplot going on, with hints littered through the game, but admittedly - the demo doesn't delve into it at all. There are beginnings of her "quest", but nothing meaningful can happen yet. I will take your advice and think about ways to allow the player to engage with her more earlier! But yeah, no matter what you do, Grace is never a huge fan of Syd. She has her own hang-ups, and problematic ways of dealing with them (ie blaming Syd for her "goal" being out of reach.)

You are right in guessing that, the more secrets Syd keeps from Maisy - the more she keeps from him!

Jayda doesn't ask for much. She's sweet and nice. But as you mentioned later on, her neediness and dependency can become detrimental...

Steph doesn't judge who Syd likes based off of free time usage - it's more about certain dialogue choices you make in front of her ;)She's VERY observant!

Stuart is a voice of reason among the chaos of their insane last few weeks of the high school year - it's true!

Syd is very much capable of strategic thinking! I wonder what you'll think in the full game - Syd's parents do one particularily embarassing thing to him based off of who he nominates that night ;)

I actually did my best to keep Syd being as compatible as possible with all the girls. I like your analysis, and it's great - but I did my best to keep it believable that Syd could potentially end up with ANY of the three heroines. Like you listed, there is a positive and negative to each relationship! Maisy and Syd have wicked chemistry that leads them both into their preferred power dynamics, meanwhile Steph can be so cold that she can't commit to Syd in the same way he expects him to commit to her at times. And you were spot on about Jayda's reliance and neediness. I definitely want to keep all their dynamics varied and interesting though! It's great to hear your interpretations - which are just as (if not more) valid than my authorial intent hahah.

I definitely get what youre saying when talking about only hugging Maisy. It's definitely a tough decision! Especially because I throw it in so early!

I worked SUPER hard on the exhibition, so I am glad it met your expectations! And pretty much everyone else's. It seems to be the highlight in a lot of people's eyes! There are three majorly different ways Syd can end the art exhibition - so I'm glad you had fun exploring your path! Keeping Maisy and Nacho under control is a tough battle, and just keeping things to one's self makes sense too! I'm glad you enjoyed giving Nacho the Mortal Kombat treatment. I wanted it to be a lot of fun!

Girl and the Beast is by the talented MadnessRage (here on twitter: Check out her art! She did the amazing painting, so watch her for more of it! If I end up doing merch, I'd love to get it printed out for people! (bomabrd me with requests, people!)

I do have a proofreader - but more hands on deck could certainly help! I have had a few typos reported to me, but if you end up playing some more and catching any, feel free to send the errors to me! Even just the typo out of context in text form is fine - I can search the scripts! : It is a LOT of writing, especially with branching paths, so I am sorry the typos have slipped through the cracks!

Stuart and Grace's parents are... interesting. They are conservative and like parading their children around, but 201X is a modern time. Grace's personality, and a more modern understanding of the world, means that she never faced intense homophobia from her parents. In fact, her mother sees it as "good for her brand." They're THOSE kinds of capitalists, hahah. Considering they both won major prizes at the prestigious art school's yearly competition, both of them have earned a lot of brownie points with their intense parents - thus they were allowed out. They know that keeping Grace and Stuart on a tight leash means allowing them to go off on their own and rewarding them when they do "good" - because they know they're gonna resist less and be more compliant if they're kept happy. In a weird way, they're a bit more insidious than just "being strict"...

Grace and Stuart parents are of vietnamese decent, but have very much embraced a lot of western values and "success" mindset. I will keep your suggestions in mind though!

It's great to hear that the game allowed you relive some high school days!

Also - it seems you're a canberra local?! Or have spent time here? I chose a shopping centre that was relatively far from me - but you did a good job of indentifying it! Canberra does have a unique look and atmosphere - and I really wanted to capture it in LoveSick Darlings!

I really love that you made the time reach and share your thoughts about LoveSick Darlings. It's seriously so great to see, and I love hearing from you and others! I'm so happy the story's heart spoke to you. This game came together thanks to the work of many other talented creatives, so I'm glad you wanna thank them too!

If you'd like to support the project, as you mentioned,  I can still offer certain kickstarter rewards! Contact me directly via tiwtter or discord and we can try work something out!

Also... it seems you noticed my sneaky little addition I put on Steam! Nice work! ;P

I can't promise there will be many, or any, more "Darlings" games at this point in time. But I'd really love to do more. Really. Making this game has been a lot of fun, and I'd love to revisit the VN format sometime! Keep your eyes out ;)

But for now, I hope you look forward to the full release of LoveSick Darlings!

Thanks so much again for writing to me, providing all this lovely feedback, and for supporting this project! I will be sure to be holding my head up super high once the game is finally out!



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Hahaha! I always do my best to reply to everyone! It's fun to engage with the audience!

Don't worry about any of that too - a lot of people have learned a few "Australian-isms" thanks to my game hahah!

I am super thankful that you like my game so much! Really, it's great to hear.

Also, while I don't think my game is some paragon or saviour for representation - I did do my best to keep the game as diverse as possible. At the end of the day, I guess it's still about a guy getting into potential relationships with girls - so it's probably not that unique! But of course, I will keep your proportion feedback in mind :)

You have basically the exact reaction I hope people to have of Maisy. I want people to like or dislike her. And if they dislike or like her, to understand why others feel differently. Which you do! She's the game's most divisive character for sure. She's meant to be flawed and human - yet also like, larger than life and wonderful. She's probably the character I write most naturally at least. I'm glad it shows :)

Also, your secret is safe from your friend! Don't worry, she'll never know ;)
But seriously, I am always honoured when people say the characters in LoveSick remind them of people in their own lives. It really makes me feel like I've done a good job if my characters connect with people's real experiences with people!

I love the references you're dropping for my game too - don't worry, they aren't lost on me ;)

Syd has a lot of internal monolgues and - frankly - I do think they need to be cut down a bit before the full release. They go on a bit, and are repetitive. Which was the point, to show how indecisive he is. But I also don't wanna bore the player hahah. Especially on repeat playthroughs. I will find a middle-ground for it!

Hearing your thought process about the art show is also super interesting! I love hearing why people did or didn't do things. It's all valid of course, just interesting. I want the in-game choices to be both impactful and realistic - because it's hard to say what the "right" choice is most of the time.

Hahah, I'm sure Syd would appreciate a good head-pat! And you are completely right: even if Syd knew it was Jayda's... he argued the genuine artistic merit for it. Not just "it's Jayda's art, just vote for it", y'know? It's morally grey, but that was my hope when I made it that way :D

Yeah, Stuart realizes he was just as caught-up-in-the-moment as everyone else was. He's human liek the rest of the gang, even if he acts a bit detached sometimes hahah. I'm glad you liked the references! I packed heeeeaps into the game. Everyone's hobbies "OtherWorld/Around The Galaxy/Doomsday 3/etc" are all based on real games and fandoms. I just switched some words and scenarios around hahah.

Also! The door they wait outside is someone else's. Albie's room is down the hall ;)

I'm glad to hear you love watching this awkward group of geeky friends geek out and finally come to terms with/understand their blossoming feelings as they mature and start growing up. They're in this transitionary period between childhood and adulthood, and it's weird, and messy, and feelings WILL get hurt... but at the least, they can enjoy the time they do have with each other. While they still have it. Sometimes, it's nice to just talk about your favourite show(s) or game(s) with your friends, and indulge in what you love. That's the aspect of friendship that LoveSick Darlings really wants to represent positively.

I'm glad my weird "tutorial/instructor" character/voice is entertaining! It's fun writing self-aware dialogie hahahah...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I love discussing LoveSick Darlings!
If you want to discuss more, and have a discord account, I highly recommend joining the Discord server! It's quite active, and there are quite a few LoveSick Darlings fans to talk with! (Inclduing me, I'm very active there!)
You can join here if you so feel like it:
Have a nice day in any case!

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Hello Grace Grayson! Thanks so much for reaching out and posting! I'm honoured that my game was the reason you chose to make your first post! :)

Alright, I will address your points one-by-one! :)

That first one is definitely a jumbled-up scene! I played it back, and I don't know how I got missed Jayda jumping in front of Steph! Fully unintentional! There's no doki doki in this game ahaha. I must have entirely missed this while editing, seeing as there's a decent amount of errors here. Thanks so much for bringing them to my attention!

I have received a lot of mixed feedback regarding backgrounds, but nonetheless, thank you for tellingme your thoughts. I think some of the "real-life" backgrounds work really well for certain scenes, the lunch background especially, but I totally get that some of them just don't quite... "fit." Not yet, at least. I also do regret not taking more night-time photos. I totally get how that can be annoying to be told "it's the evening," yet it looks like the middle of the day hahah.

I should also say that ALL of the backgrounds are photos too. There are no drawn backgrounds :)

Jayda does... admittedly... have thick thighs and long legs. They are an actual intended feature of hers. Don't worry, you're not a weirdo. You're neither the first or last person to notice Jayda's legs hahaha. But, I will consult my artist about whether proportions need to be adjusted. As much as possible, I've tried to have my game represent all kinds of people and body types in a realistic way that allows them to be beautiful and attractive - but not too sexualized. Except for Maisy, who chooses to express herself much more sexually than most people. But that's just her character hahaha.

Don't worry about your message! I find it very constructive, and I actually love to hear people's thoughts and feedback. It helps me improve the game! :)
Also, I especially like being told when bugs occur. If it's something that helps me make the game better, I love hearing from people. And if it helps me fix something that both myself and my editor and everyone else who plays missed - then all the better!
I'm really glad you like the choices! I appreciate that not everyone can help financially, but even this kind of support (reporting bugs and giving feedback) and help means the world to me!  I can see how much you like the game just based on how detailed and caring the feedback you've given is. Someone who doesn't like this game wouldn't bother to do all this, so don't worry. I am very appreciative!

Thanks so much for supporting LoveSick Darlings and trying this game out! I hope I can keep making it, and avoid all kinds of burnout, while delivering this game to you all!

Update 1:
Will adjust!

Update 2:
Will look into it! Also, don't worry about finding it - these are all great bits of reporting!

Update 3:
"Takeaway" is the Australian word for local fast food!
Oops! Didn't mean to use texting font...

Update 4:

Update 5:
Yeah, that is in fact the font, yeah hahah.

I'm so glad you've enjoyed the game/demo so far! I love to hear from people who play, so thanks so much for taking the time to give me all this info and feedback!

Also, wow, you like the tutorials?! That's the first compliment they've ever received! (I haven't gotten complaints either to be fair... but still!) Thanks for the kinds words!

Wow thank you so much for the kind words! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I love hearing from people who play the LoveSick Darlings demo!

I'm honoured you were so invested you marathoned the game! The demo is quite long and involved, and I'm glad you got so deeply into it!

I'm actually even more honoured to hear the game made you feel live! And that I am a god of a game maker! Wow. Such lofty praise! Thank you for the kind words. All I want to do as a creator is have my stories and content touch people's hearts - so I am glad I could make you feel so positively!

I will do my best to keep up with your high expectations! Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy the rest of the game when it comes out!

I should also mention this... in case you didn't see, there IS a Kickstarter for the game out now! Check it out!

If you enjoy what I am doing and would like to see more (and can help at all) please consider supporting the game on Kickstarter!

You can also share it with friends or people you know too - anything that you or anyone else can do is vastly appreciated!

Have a lovely day! Thank you for writing to me!

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Hello Murilo. It's a pleasure to hear from you. 
Wow. I can't thank you enough to for trying out my game and for writing to me directly. 
This is deeply moving feedback to hear about my game. I am really honoured to hear such kind words from someone.

I've never been so lucky as to hear my writing be called a gift before. But it really pleases me to hear it. Thank you.
I'm also even more glad to hear this game's characters and scenarios affected you so personally - there is no greater praise for a writer like me than to hear this. As you can tell, I wrote this game from my heart - and it's inspired by a combination of various real and fictional experiences from my life. It makes me so happy to hear something inspired by my own life could resonate with someone else's life and stir emotion within them too. LoveSick Darlings is all about relationships and connection - but there's also a layer of nostalgia that's always been a part of the game. Hearing that LoveSick Darlings made you think back on your own experiences in high school is really great to hear.

I am glad Maisy, Syd, Steph, and especially Jayda could bring such joy and positive emotion to you. I hope these positive feelings and my characters continue to stay with you! 

I'm also very happy to hear that LoveSick Darlings subverted your expectations. One of the main things I wanted to do was to make sure the cast felt really and didn't just love Syd (the player) automatically no matter what. All three main girls have their own unique perspectives and opinions, and the choices Syd can make can drastically alter what they think of him. I'm glad you appreciated that so much, and to hear it was a part of how it changed your outlook on life.

If LoveSick Darlings played even a small part in these decisions in your life, then I am honoured to be a part of that. To affect people and potentially change someone's life is a great compliment to receive. I know this as someone who reads,  plays, and watches all kinds of media. It's why I write. So many stories have shaped who I am, and I've always wanted something I made to be a part of shaping someone's elses life and being. Sincerely, thank you for playing my game and writing to me. I have never been so moved by the kind words of a stranger. I will be sure to remember your kindness for a long time to come!

God bless you too, my friend! I wish you all the best in your medicine studies - but most of all, I hope you get the opportunity to follow your heart and reconnect with friends, dating, and religion too.
In the meantime, I'm going to keep working hard to keep making and finish LoveSick Darlings for you and the rest of the world to enjoy. You and the others who also reach out to me and tell me about their experiences player as what keep me motivated to get this game made! I've never felt so inspired. Thank you.
I sincerely hope you achieve all your goals!

Don't worry about your english - it's great. I understood you completely. And your message length was no issue at all. I loved reading all of it.

As always, thanks for the love !

(1 edit)

Oh, it's no problem at all! You're welcome.

And too true about the nature of production and delays. It won't always be easy, but he best thing I can do is make the most of the unfortunate experiences :)


Thank you so much for your support so far! And for vouching future support too! Fans like you are what help me keep going and keep working on this game :)