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How to recieve updates

A topic by Rhaasta created Jun 01, 2020 Views: 85 Replies: 3
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When you have already downloaded the game, and later on an update comes, how do I get the updated version of the game?


Hey there!

Because Itch doesnt really do update releases via patching your files, you have to download all the files again sadly. The demo hasnt been updated in a few months though - so chances are you are on the latest and greatest version!

Thanks for asking though :)


ok thanks! your game is actually very good, the best I've played on the entire site, it actually touches alot of topics such as home abuse, relationships etc. Keep being you, and love yourself, always 


Oh, such kind words! Thank you!

Best on the entire site is some wonderful praise to hear! Especially because itch has so many great games!

I'm glad the messages and topics covered in LoveSick were interesting for you! I want the game to touch on real emotions, experiences, feelings.

Thanks so much for playing, and for writing to me! I hope you look forward to the game's full release!