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can i use Commercial Use ? 

Version 1.3 is the latest version for Windows, and the next version will automatically update in the PlayStore with the Android version.

I don't know, do I have to update two platforms windows and Android. but I really didn't have the time to take care of the two platforms, so I decided to take care of the android version first. 

if you really donate me the money I am very grateful, and I will also provide paid access when the game has been released 100%

I have tried downloading the game again and it works for Windows. I will send the file via email to you later.

payment error occurred this game should be free, my friend changed it. I'm sorry, you can ask for refund to directly via email

Paid 1 month thanks.. 

Its already 26 days and still not respond 

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Why my payout status still "in review"  and I have asked via email but did not answer  the problem,  but when I want to cancel payout he responds very quickly.

i know payout is human review but just give me a reason or  estimated time  to get my money,   I didn't want to make a thread like this before, and I actually just wanted to talk privately via email,  but my email was not answered so I felt ignored 

my payout ID is : 12044  (still In Review 15Days) 

I think, I will get the money before or during the Hallowen Steam Sale, and I plan to buy assets for the sake of my game. but that didn't happen because of this problem, so the game I made was hampered. 

  Pls Respond i need just a respond a reason and estimate time.... 

of course. I will add cooking system in v1.3

thanks you ..