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Thank you so much for your time and feedback! I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed it! The response to the way the player has to move their hand from mouse to keyboard has been incredibly informative and intriguing. If this is a game I continue to work on in some form in the future, I'll definitely be doing a lot of playtesting regarding this aspect of the design. Thanks again! It means the world to me that you checked it out! 

Thank you so much for your time and feedback! Im sure it’s probably no secret that hackertyper was sorta the “inspiration” so to speak. I love pulling it up on people when they leave me alone on their computers to this day 😈

Woah, I’m the one critiquing a game made by David and Mike? (And also Sean! Hi Sean!) Man, how the tables have turned…. 

In all seriousness though, you got a really cool game here. I know you guys have a special controller planned, so take everything I’m about to share with a big ‘ol grain of salt. I played with a dualsense controller instead and it worked pretty well. I’m also assuming you have some sort of special vertical monitor/display, since the game didn’t seem to play well with my monitor, with full screen having the classic Unity 2D blue background and windowed being cut off at the bottom. Not the end of the world, but I figured it was worth mentioning. 

The game itself knocked it of the park in the art and sound departments, with the art being fleshy and gross in the best way possible, and the sound being squishy and also appropriately “gross” to match! 

Obviously part of the fun/difficulty is gonna come from using the special controller, so I can only speak to the experience so much, but what’s here is simple but effective due to the plentiful feedback in terms of sound and visuals. One thing that confused me a little was that it wasn’t immediately obvious that the blue fruit dudes were the one you had to press. In my mind, it makes a little more sense that you’d wanna squeeze to juice the big ones, so I found my wires getting crossed. The spiky fruit was pretty clear to not hit, though. I was also confused whether I wanted to squeeze the batteries or not, because at least when I ran the game I couldn’t see my score/timer at all. The bottom left of the screen was completely blank. I restarted the game a few times to try to get to the bottom of the issue but the score and timer were both missing. Didn’t impact my experience THAT much, but I figured I’d also mention! 

At the end of the day, you have a fun game when it’s being played in optimally, so I can’t wait to see it played properly with the right controller! I really hope this gets into the pop-up arcade so I can pick your brains about the controller, I’m sure you know I’m a big fan of games with alt controls! Great work guys! 

Thank you so much for your time and detailed feedback! The whole 6/n-key rollover thing is something I had absolutely NO clue about till you mentioned it, so big ups for the explanation!  I’ve been toying around with the idea of an updated, more robust EX version with more content, maybe a story mode, ETC. If that’s something I decide to try, I’ll definitely not only take the keyboard issue into account, but I’ll also have a look at the mini game balancing. Great analysis all around! 

Thank you so much again!!! 

Thank you so much for your time and feedback! I’ve been toying around with the idea of making a more robust, EX version with a few more minigames, and the whole mouse/keyboard split was something that was giving me grief, so these are some awesome ideas I can toy around with! Thanks again!!! 

Who up playing with their orb

I dunno what it is, I've always loved games where you roll a ball around. marble blast, marble it up, MONKEY BALL THE GOAT! Something about them just hit different, and I can see the influence here super clearly. While I think you have a great start, there is some missing oomph that I think you could add to make the game really shine. 

Big thing, I couldn't move the camera on keyboard, and I could only move the camera with a controller. Unless I messed something up (Very real possibility, mind you) I couldn't find a controller configuration that DIDNT block me from using a certain aspect of the controls. Beyond that, I feel like the game was lacking in the sound department. having even just a sound for when the ball is rolling normally would do wonders for the game feel and really tie things together. I feel the ball moved pretty responsively and had a pretty solid feel and weight to it, which made navigating feel pretty good, which is honestly the hardest and most important part to get right. Seeing how the scene is static, the skill ceiling is pretty low, which makes it sort of a hard sell as an arcade experience. I think maybe a bigger, perhaps procedural course might make things a bit more spontaneous and lend to that arcade-y feel more? Just spitballing at this point. 

Anyway, you have a great start here! If you iron out some of the kinks, you'll have something even cooler!

This is gonna sound like a crazy comparison, so bear with me here. 

Y'know how google sometimes does games for the google doodles? usually around the Olympics or Halloween if you click on the google logo it'll take you to a fun little game you can only play that day. I feel like this is the kinda thing google would make centered around the "no internet" dinosaur. The visuals are surprisingly polished, and there's more depth than meets the eye. I dabble in touhou, so the graze mechanic is super welcome. Its a really fun way to implement risk and reward. Do you play it safe and focus on getting through the obstacles? or do you go for style points and try to hit graze for some insane mult? If you're anything like me, you'll go to graze and bonk your head on the underside of a dinosaur, ending your run. Oops! One thing I would have liked would be some sort of visual indicator of what the graze range/hitbox was, since I found myself constantly thinking "I'll totally slide under here" and ending my run because I couldn't tell exactly where the hitbox began and ended. Touhou, for example, has a "focus" mode where you can see the exact hitbox of any given character, which makes grazing a lot easier since you can see exactly what counts as "just barely hitting you".  The perspective of the game makes it a little more easier said than done, but Id bet there's a solution somewhere. But yeah! Lots of cool stuff here. Online leaderboards are a super nice touch, and I think with just a little tightening up, you got something really special here! 

I like to think I know my way around a shmup, I dabble in touhou and I enjoy games like border down, zero ranger, et cetera. I feel like those games, while great, are kinda a game you have to be in a sort of mindset for, and are for a certain type of people. I feel like this would be a great primer to more intimidating shmup/bullet hell games. Id argue that this one leans a bit more towards the easy side. I think it would be cool if you maybe the speed up a notch  There also came a point towards the end where I had like 10 specials and pretty much nothing could touch me. Id love to see the game maybe get faster, or some more variety in bullet patterns, touhou style. All in all, solid stuff! 

Super, super interesting idea here. I'm enamored with the idea of your highest score becoming a platform itself. It's a super unique way of doing a leaderboard, and almost poetic in a way. The visuals are top notch too. Playing this got me looking into the works of Lui Shou-Kwan, so you're definitely doing something right in that department! The gameplay is simple, but I will say the grappling mechanic isn't immediately intuitive, and it took me a bit to figure out. I had some trouble with seeing the platforms higher up, but I feel like that may have been intentional to maybe help strengthen the idea that your best attempt is the way forward next time? Maybe i'm reading too hard into it- but nevertheless you got something super sick here!

Honestly, if this were a mobile game or something I'd totally download it! You have a really fun puzzle game here with some super cool and fun ideas, and some pretty solid level design to boot. I wasn't quite sure how the boost function worked, but I seemed to be able to get by without it for the most part. Only thing I would urge you to change is to remove the lives system! I get that there needed to be a leaderboard function and such, but I found myself getting a little frustrated because I'm a dumb idiot and would fail a lot, so I pretty much only had one or two chances to complete the highest level I made it to, or Id get sent back all the way to the beginning which was super discouraging. Especially for a game that leans more toward the puzzle aspect of things and less into the arcade aspect of things, I think encouraging trial and error may be the way to go. You should totally release this as its own little standalone game without the lives, and I think you could have something really cool on your hands! 

A cute little game that I think could be great with some tweaks. 

I think your game excels at being super easy to pick up and play, and it sorta reminds me of something you'd see in Mario Party. I think the next step would be to add some sort of complexity, like maybe evil moths that take away score, or maybe an active reload for the camera or something. As it stands its pretty easy to get by if you just mash to take pics and be sure to reload the camera every once and a while, so anything that adds even a little more complexity can elevate this from good to great! 

I think you have a great foundation that you could build upon, not to mention a catchy title and some nice art! keep it up!

Thank you so much for your time and detailed feedback! You bring up an especially great point about the keyboard lmao. If I get in the showcase, I’ll DEFINITELY be bringing in a “throwaway” keyboard LOL! 

You bring up some really good points! Thank you so much for your time and feedback!

Thank you so much for your time and feedback! 

Honestly, If you told me this was a game you could go out right now and buy on steam, I'd believe you. Incredible work in such a short timeframe. The idea of having words you can only type with your left hand is GENIUS, and don't get me started on the parry mechanic! It felt so insanely cool timing my shots so that I destroyed an enemy with a parry shot while destroying the turret that shot it! For a game with so many moving parts, I figured surely there would be some jank somewhere, but Im genuinely struggling to think of what I would change. Great work, and well done! 

Very interesting game you got here! I'm a big fan of the low poly look, and the music got stuck in my head for the little bit after I played lol. The Controls took a bit of learning, but I got it eventually. To be honest, I think the controls themselves are great, but they might not be the best for a game like this. For a game where it feels so good to soar high and fly fast, you're sorta expected to take it slow and stick close to the ground, so the game almost feels at odds with itself. That isn't to say I didn't enjoy myself, though! I just had to sorta train myself to play a specific way. I think the mechanics of flapping, gliding and diving themselves are surprisingly intuitive, and its really smart to make it so you have to land on the fish's hitbox from above or below so you cant cheese anything. All in all, a really solid package you got here! Keep up the great work! 

Really fun, really charming game! I think you struck a really good balance between timing and movement mastery. Great art and music too. I'm a big fan of how you still have a little time to recover if you go off screen, it rewards the player for being able to "read" the playfield so to speak, and I like that a lot. It's pretty challenging, but I think that makes the game more fun to try and master. Great stuff dude!!!!!

I don't think I've laughed this hard at a game in a long time. the Dave Matthews Band Incident mention made me laugh so hard I almost threw up. Insane game you got here. Absolutely in love with the 3d modeled train and the expressive and impressive sprite art- and that's not to mention the awesome sound design. The game was super neat and interesting too, of course! I love the idea of being able to pick you attacks, and the gameplay itself had a Mega Man battle Network-esque flair to it, which is MASSIVE bonus points in my book. I played 3 rounds to try all of the different attacks, and I will say I think the game would benefit from some sorta energy system to prevent you from spamming attacks (one step from eden might be a good reference), because otherwise you can sorta just stay where you are and mash one of the two buttons and get through every time with a decent score. I'm not sure if you can even die, since I never seemed to be in danger of dying once. Regardless, you guys have a super fun game that you should be proud of! 

I think it says a lot about what you have here seeing as you found a way to find a way to turn a controller as mundane (for lack of a better word) as a keyboard into something wholly unique and genuinely exciting. It's like finger twister! Although it seems its designed for only one player, i could totally see this working and being just as fun with 2 or more with no changes. I played a few rounds, and each time the music helped enhance the frantic energy. I should have recorded a hand cam, because the way my hands were jumping and contorting by the end made it look like I was trying to do bad Naruto jitsu hand signs or something. My brain and hands had this disconnect, sorta like real twister, and I find it so cool and interesting that your game elicited the same reaction. This game goes to show that sometime, less is more. Well done! 

Yeah, I tried to attach an image but i guess it didn't attach for some reason. Im getting like 2 VC runtime errors and then some other errors too, im Scrumbo in the IGC discord, if you want send me a dm and I can show you the errors 

Seeing as this was the first submission, I've messed around with this one quite a bit and I think you have a SICK idea and an awesome start. I think your tutorial area is genius, teaching the player the fast fall mechanic pretty much instantly. Honestly, more games need a fast-fall mechanic like this. It really does feel good to SLAM down onto a platform and start flying. The drum sound really does wonders to amplify the game feel when you hit the fast fall just right, great stuff. The controls are slippery, but like juuust the right amount of slippery? IMO part of the challenge came from feeling out how long you gotta press the keys to make the ball go where you want, and after a little while I had it down and it felt good being able to chain bounces together. One thing that sorta confused me was the shooting paddle mechanic. The fact that it hurts you if you touch it when you go to shoot the diamonds dissuaded me from really using it at all, so if there was ever the option to go around the platform with the diamonds, id just go around. Especially when I realized you could screen wrap, which is a really smart design choice. I also encountered a few weird issues with some of the platforms stopping my upward momentum when I hit the underside which would send me falling to my doom. Idk how intentional this was, but when I started to get up there in terms of score, I saw less and less platforms, which I think is a super smart way of subtly increasing difficulty, but there were a few instances where I was put in situations that were pretty much unwinnable around the 8k mark. But also, I am dumb so there could have totally been an obvious out that I was missing, so take that with a grain of salt. 

All in all, you got something cool here! Idk if something was stopping you all from working on it more, seeing as it was submitted almost two weeks early, but I would love to see more! 

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I feel like the title screen really tells you all you need to know. I love a game that doesn't take itself super seriously, and this is that. What is there to say, man. You're a goat. You smash office supplies, you fill up your meter and use you're super awesome goat powers. It was really fun budgeting the energy and trying to rationalize whether it would be better to charge or to use a super mega goat blast. My only couple of issues are that, sometimes it was hard to tell if I was hitting stuff with the basic attack. Second, two minutes per game is a little long. I feel like rounds lasting a minute would be PERFECT. Still, great stuff. 

the .exe doesn't seem to work for me at the moment! I keep getting system errors like the following. I hope this gets fixed, because I'd love to try this!

First off, Delta X is such a cool name. Second, you got something sick here, I really want more! I love the speed mechanic, I got it down on my second run and had a really good time trying to see how fast I could make it to the end, and wondering what shortcuts I could take to get there faster. The visuals are just enough, and I'm a big fan of the little smiley near the end :] But yeah, my only issue is that I wanted more! I was figuring that had been level one, only to go "That's it?!" when I saw there was just the one! It would be a big task, but if you could turn this into some sorta endless runner style game with the same speed/explosion mechanic, you'd have something super special. Good stuff!

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I spent more time than I care to admit on this one! Great stuff! I love the sketchy (is that the right word? I’m a bad at art terms.) art style, and the music got stuck in my head for a little after I played it. I've never really played zaxxon before, but having given it a shot right after this I can clearly see the influence. You all wear it on your sleeves, and you wear it well! Controlling Mr. Bee felt great! There were a few times where I was certain I'd go through the hole, but would crash. Keep in mind, I am stupid, so maybe THAT's the issue, so take that with a grain of salt or two. I also had a hard time telling what the gusts of wind were supposed to be. I flew into them thinking they'd maybe do something since none of the other holes had the wind, but it killed me instead. Now having seen Zaxxon, I can tell its trying to replicate the laser on top of the walls, but without that context I ended up losing a solid run. Maybe thorny vines would get the message across while still being able to have spots you can see through? I loved the boss fight at the end, BUT i would maybe recommend adding some sort of shadow to the playfield, because I lost many a life not being able to tell where I was in relation to the evil wasps. The boss fight against the bird was super sick as well. Overall great stuff! I think you could totally make a mobile version of this or something and it'd do great!

This, right here, is that good stuff. Im a big Mr. Driller fan, and this game scratches a similar itch. It took me all of 10 seconds to understand everything I needed to know about how to play, and the mayhem that ensues is so much fun! I really like the idea of the drill platform, only thing that was a little unclear is exactly WHAT made the platform move, but to be honest, there's so much to do while you're on the way down that it sorta didn't matter to me! The jetpack movement felt super polished and fun to try and master, and the enemies kept me on my toes at all times! You've got something special here dude! One last nitpick, the white was a taaad abbrasive. I think a "night mode" might be something to look into? But also I'm a big dumb stinky baby so maybe that's stupid. I dunno! What I DO know is that this is some great work!

Really great start here! I think with a little more polish, this could be something stellar. First off, the pixel art is super charming! Although, many things were a little small. I also often had a hard time with the controls. Attacking felt pretty unresponsive, I had a hard time getting the robot to attack where I was going, sometimes he wouldn't at all if i hit the button and if I did get an attack out, there wouldn't be much in the way of feedback to show that I hit something. I love the idea of charging an attack, but I had a hard time telling if i was actually charging anything, even looking at the HUD. The hud is a bit cluttered, and after playing 5 or so rounds, i still couldn't really get a feel for how energy worked. Honestly, if you tightened the feel of attacking, you'd have something really special here! The game sounds great and has a super cool aesthetic, and with some tweaking the gameplay could really help it shine! 

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Hey there! Thanks for checking out the project! 

Character stats, signature moves, and special moves for each character can be found on the printable character sheet booklet included with the game on the root of the folder. It should look like the screenshot posted on the main page for the game. My apologies if this wasn’t quite clear! I hope with this knowledge some of your confusion may be addressed and the core loop may make a little more sense. 

Thank you for the feedback! If you have any more questions or comments feel free to reach out. The readme included with the game may also be helpful should you run into any more trouble! 

I just finished reading this, and I think there’s a really touching story here. With a little bit more work, I think this could be something really special. Here are some of my takeaways that I hope you use to make even better stuff in the future! 

The big thing that stuck out to me was the grammar and prose. Many words and phrases were either repeated to the point that it became a bit monotonous, used incorrectly, or both. There were some important sequences that had these issues present in the prose that really pulled me out of the story. It never hurts to have someone proofread! 

I will say that I love the premise, and think there’s a lot you can do to explore these characters, but I think Erika and Hoshi’s relationship moves a bit fast to the point that it feels unnatural. I think a great way to remedy this would be to have the story take place over the course of a few months instead of a few days. 

If you were to ever revisit or re-write this story, I have a suggestion as to how you may make the initial setup a bit more natural. 

Imagine the initial meet-cute is the same. Hoshi bumps into Erika, causing the two to have a negative first impression of each other.  Instead of them just making up and getting along right away, a few days later Hoshi enters the flower shop because they applied to work there and Erika, needing the help, has no choice but to hire them! From there they can start to work on their relationship in a more natural way. 

A few more pointers I’d like to give!: 

  • There we’re a few characters who could get cut, as they really didn’t contribute too much to the plot (I.E. Mimi and Dan) 
  • The part where Wish casts magic to help Erika find Hoshi felt like it came out of nowhere. If you wanted to go this route, I’d recommend establishing the idea that Wish is a wizard earlier on in the story, so that it doesn’t come as a shock when he starts using magic. Arguably, you could get rid of the magic all together. (Maybe Sasha is trying to take Hoshi back home, and Erika stops them at the train station? Just a thought.) 
  • There are some plot points that are brought up and never mentioned again. (I.E. Wish’s birthday card, Wish and Dan’s Ruined Bouquet, the dead flowers and broken window)
  • Some of the conflict seems a bit forced. Especially in chapter 6 where I think Hoshi is in the right to get upset and need some time alone after running into their abuser. 
  • I’m not sure if this was intentional or not, but there were several instances where it seems that Hoshi somehow got into Erika’s place without being let in, which confused me at points. 

All in all, I think there’s a cute story to be told here, and I hope that you take my suggestions to heart to create something even better in the future!!!

I love the idea of a game with movement like Ultrakill but level design like quake! Lots of improvement in such a short time! Check out 40:00-57:00 for my thoughts!

Absolutely incredible stuff! The movement is buttery smooth and the combat is already pretty insane, and with just a tiiiny bit of polish it can be incredible! Check out 20:00-38:00 for my thoughts!

Great stuff guys! Super charming game that can be something really special with time! I had a smile on my face the whole time! Check out 5:00-18:00 for my thoughts!