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Some more of the propaganda being worked on in the game universe. Corporate Cronyism partnered with the Government Military Industrial Complex.


Sound will be changed. Definitely want something with more bass.

Needs tweaking but have the basics down for our Shotgun. Shot spread working nicely.

Will post a long form version of the weapon with fire animation and muzzleflash Saturday 11/9 for #ScreenshotSaturday.

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Early work on the Plasma Rifle. No impact explosion yet.  #screenshotsaturday #madewithunity

Grenade Launcher we have been working on for the last few days. Still needs tweaking but feels pretty good.

Cleaned up a lot of stuff to make it more efficient but have a ways to go. The ragdolling system is using two separate decision trees to decide what pool of ragdolls to choose from. Right now it just randomly grabs one so that is why you see ragdolls ripped in half and such and not burning dead lol. It will get there. More boring stuff is we use a pooling system to get the flame particle object and enable and disable it as needed instead of instantiating.

Just a quick look while in Engine mode. More work has been done but not clean yet. Will be doing a pooling system for weapon cycling so won't be constantly instantiating and destroying. The flame now follows mouse input rather than being locked to the stationary weapon parent rotation. This is a low res version. Hopefully will put out a version on an executable version this weekend.

I looked this to get a little background on what you are saying. I can see where you may have gotten the correlation . Buenos Aires in our case is a nod to the attack on Buenos Aires in Starship Troopers movie

The government in our case is a Left wing extremist dictatorship rather than Right wing extremist dictatorship.  It's  Socialism combined with Crony Capitalism where Free Market does not exist and is demonized.

Sorry to reply so late. No it is not. It is basically using the classic dystopian sci-fi model with a Statist government and applying current political undertones that are going on in the US and throughout the world. Inspiration comes from Aliens, Starship Troopers, Running Man, and Terminator. Not actually familiar with the title but now I am very interested in looking more into it.

Shooting soldiers with a crossbow which will likely just be turned into a "Bolt Gun" The Crossbow idea seems a little archaic for being futuristic dystopian. WIP. Fire Rate and model needs to be adjusted. #madewithunity

The weapon model is actually planned for another weapon but I decided to start working on the probable crossbow type weapon mechanics. The arrows are ugly as sin right now. Just a sphere with a box attached to it so all of that will be eventually changed.

Nothing too fancy but its important nonetheless. Since the Inventory system is 90% completely functional I'm working on stuff like this. The second weapon has no function right now so its really just swapping models and mounts right here. I'm Destroying and Instantiating right now but will probably convert it to a pooling system so the Unity Garbage collector isn't working overtime.

Nothing too fancy. Just early work on having the inventory system work.

Added a holster mount point. Was testing grenade swapping when the AI snuck up and killed me lol.

If we were to create a Patreon Page to help us to fund this development would you be interested?

Minor changes but more in line with what we wanted as far as our initial showing.

Had to throw two bucks at you even though its free. Need to support this fun idea.

Thanks for the reply. I'm not currently working on a project that I would need something like this but I'm going to be looking at it again soon as something to aid me in my mocap animated ventures coming up.

So i'm able to import .bvh files, modify them in Unity and export them back out? The biggest problem I have with BVH files is that in order for them to easily retarget the skeleton to use the BVH file it needs to be in a t-pose at frame 0. I use Lightwave and NevronMotion. Would this be something that would aid me in modifying the BVH so I could set the pose to t-pose at frame 0 for BVH files I purchase? Do you have Video tutorials for using your tool? Thanks.