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Nothing too fancy. Just early work on having the inventory system work.

Added a holster mount point. Was testing grenade swapping when the AI snuck up and killed me lol.

If we were to create a Patreon Page to help us to fund this development would you be interested?

Minor changes but more in line with what we wanted as far as our initial showing.

Had to throw two bucks at you even though its free. Need to support this fun idea.

Thanks for the reply. I'm not currently working on a project that I would need something like this but I'm going to be looking at it again soon as something to aid me in my mocap animated ventures coming up.

So i'm able to import .bvh files, modify them in Unity and export them back out? The biggest problem I have with BVH files is that in order for them to easily retarget the skeleton to use the BVH file it needs to be in a t-pose at frame 0. I use Lightwave and NevronMotion. Would this be something that would aid me in modifying the BVH so I could set the pose to t-pose at frame 0 for BVH files I purchase? Do you have Video tutorials for using your tool? Thanks.