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Is This a Retelling of ‘El Eternauta’?

A topic by Airdorf created 27 days ago Views: 16 Replies: 2
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^ title ^

Sorry to reply so late. No it is not. It is basically using the classic dystopian sci-fi model with a Statist government and applying current political undertones that are going on in the US and throughout the world. Inspiration comes from Aliens, Starship Troopers, Running Man, and Terminator. Not actually familiar with the title but now I am very interested in looking more into it.


I looked this to get a little background on what you are saying. I can see where you may have gotten the correlation . Buenos Aires in our case is a nod to the attack on Buenos Aires in Starship Troopers movie

The government in our case is a Left wing extremist dictatorship rather than Right wing extremist dictatorship.  It's  Socialism combined with Crony Capitalism where Free Market does not exist and is demonized.