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So is it just a concept that you usually wouldnt see in an arcade?

This is by far the best one ive played so far, its not that great for the theme, but its such a fun and original concept that i dont even care

apologiez, im a dumbass and didnt realize that i posted the same comment over and over and over

Now im sad, becasue we basiclly made the same game but yours is os much vetter, very well done

Love the art and i like the only being able to use weapons once

Really cute, love the idea, but its a bit to easy. Keep up the good work!

I love the recylcing feature, it makes the game so much more intresting, I love it!

really cool, the one thing ill say is to make it so the route taking thing for going over more than one tile make it so you go over the least broken tiels possible, as my guys kept getting stuck fixing things

Very goo

Really awesome! It reminds me of FTL a lot but I like the combat a lot more!

Really good! All I would say is to make enemy lasers look different then your own