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I like it, but the bubble mechanic is kinda weird. I think all bubbles should have the same or at least similar speed, because they are totally unpredictable, and that speed should be the one of the slower bubbles, not the speedy ones, which are even worse. Otherwise, I like the design and the feel of the platforming. Good job.

I like the concept. It would be cool if the player had a little more control over the dash. Maybe holding space could charge up the dash or fix it in place, slow it down or speed it up, whatever, something that allows the player to plan a move with a bit more control.

That sounds great. How can I know it when you finish the game? Will you publish it on Steam?

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It could be something as simple as adding a small animation or a liittle sign above the monsters head when it's about to spot you. Like, if you're far away nd approaching him, since it's not clear how far he can see, maybe add some feedback that if you get closer or don't find cover soon, he'll see you. Or maybe have the screen turn red or dark as you enter his field of view. Maybe it doesn't work with the kind of game you want it to be, but i think it's worth giving it a try o see how it affects the experience. Just saying. Again, I really liked your game and I want to see what it becomes if you keep working on it.

The game is super fun, I absolutely love the level design. I wish I could give it a higher rating, but sadly it has nothing to do with the jam theme.

PS; The time window to drop onto the moving platform and then immediately drop to the lower one in the last level is a bit too short. Maybe make the platform a tiny bit longer?

It's quite addictive and very juicy, but the fact that the roll doesn't make you invisible is quite counterintuitive and i died a lot before realising that it wasn't a dodge. I also think that the enemies should telegraph their attacks, even if it's just for a split second. I experienced some frustating moments where I was being chased, rolled past an enemy in front of me an immediately died because the same enemy shot me without warning or time to react. Other than that, it's quite fun and really sticks to the theme in my opinion

It´s a really cool concept, and it kinda reminds me of Stranger Things, but I do think that the game would benefit from giving some feedback about the field of vision of the monster and the eyeball-thing. Otherwise, pretty cool game.