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Hello, kind game dev,

i really hope you make actual rounds and making it so you can actually buy stuff (like just road spikes or something, the player will have to use to get past certain rounds), so this game has more replayability than for like ten seconds.

Hello fellow baba is you fan! i would like people to playtest this, thank you. :)

This is a custom world called "Life Is Hell" or "World Is Hell" . I made it using the level editor of the original Baba Is You game jam version,

This mod features multiple exploits and loopholes specific to the game jam version, and yet it has some lore and difficulty to it.

It is one of the few custom worlds out there for this game, and i am looking forward to seeing some more challenging mods coming in the future, even by other creators!

Lastly, i wish you best of fun playing this. :)

Full credit for the original game goes to Hempuli and the game dev team, not me.

Defenitely an intense custom world / mod, but some levels were quite the same: Baba Is Win

What sort of Windows 10 computer can't handle a 2D game? It even works on Windows XP !

Key Right To The"Enter" Key IS Editor

could you make a version just for it?