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install a recent version (ArcBruTile 3.3)


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As an example, on the software release page there is a message like: ‘This version will work with licenses purchased after 28-Jul-2019’ The already purchased version will continue to work of course. Customer has the choice to keep using the old version, or pay a new license for an updated version.

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yes ok, I was asking this as a software seller. Ideally I would like to have a checkbox as ‘expire download link after 2 years’ or ‘limit free updates to 2 years’. Now buyers can buy the software 1 time and get free updates forever. Starting another project after a release is the other option now, but thats hassle.

Hi, is there something like an expiring license after purchase? So a softwater buyer can get free updates for 1 or 2 years, after that the buyer has to purchase again to get updated release.

can you try again?

Hi thanks! The old download key should still work.

ArcGIS 10.0 is retired since January 01, 2016 , it’s beyond time to upgrade.

if you have caddy 1.x installed, its just going to a directory and start caddy from commandline ($ caddy). A webserver on port 2015 will start, in a browser go to http://localhost:2015/ to retrieve files from that directory. I believe in Caddy 2.0 its changed a bit.

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Hi Giuseppe, ok then its not a TMS but a Google style XYZ tileset. In ArcBruTile the tiles are retrieved using HTTP protocol, so a webserver is required. Caddyserver works also on windows yes.

Hi Giuseppe, yes this is possible if you put the tileset on a (local) webserver (for example and use the ‘Load map from xyz url’ button. One caveat: this tool only supports XYZ tileset directly and not TMS anymore, so the y-axis might be switched. See for more info about this.

Payment is handled by, you can check there

Hi, you can pay using a valid credit card


here are some options to try

it should work 10.2 and above

ok, so the installation went well (ArcBruTile showing up in list of toolbars), but the toolbar is not visible. Maybe it’s drawn on a second display or something?

Hi, did you follow the install instructions page? What went wrong?

Use add xyz layer option

nb: Wikimedia maps ( will be available in next release.

Which mapservices should be added in a next release? Drop your wishlist here. 

Hi, NAVER/Vworld are not supported right now (due to projection issues), maybe something is possible using the 'Add XYZ' option.

In general all the maps are fetched from original source (using HTTP url), so any map updates will show up automagically.

Hi, at the moment it's mostly on the wish list to get those Korean maps working. Last time I worked on it  there were technical issues with the non-standard projection if I remember well. If there's more interest in it I can dive in again.

Hi Geonhwa,

Cannot reproduce this behaviour, one difference I see is that I have ArcGIS Pro 2.3.3 installed instead of 2.2. Are you able to upgrade to 2.3.3 to see if thats the issue?

ok good it works now. In version 3 ArcBruTile is rewritten to the add-in plugin model, using more standard functionality and less custom made. Kinda forced by limited possibilities in recent ArcMap releases. It has some pro's and cons. Unfortunately had to leave the nice reprojection code behind. :-(

I've uploaded a new version of ArcBruTile 3.0.2. Can you give it a try? 

It's build for 10.5, shall take a look what happens in 10.4


ok thanks for the report, I'm a bit puzzled what's going on... let's see if it  works better in 2.3 next week.

I've uploaded ArcBruTile Pro 1.4, can you give it a try?

took a look at the code, could be related to the preview map  images. I'll make a new release this week.

Hi Christoph,

I'm trying to reproduce it (on 2.3) but I see only temporary gray buttons after adding a layer. Do you see  dropdown menu's after clicking a button or not?

Hi I've refunded both (will take 5-10 days) and put Naver/Daum on the roadmap to investigate for ArcBruTile Pro Korean edition  

no because of legal issues :-(

Hi, I just saw your message, will handle this after holidays (2 weeks)

Hi min-shui,

That doesn't look good! I think the installation went wrong somewhere. 

Some questions to diagnose:

- Did you try to reinstall it (maybe on other pc)?

- Whats the windows operating system you have? What's the version of ArcMap?



thanks for the pointer, very ugly cookie hack this is :-( I'll think about some alternative method

well there is lots of discussion going on (also with Strava) as more tools are impacted.  Implementing the new authentication stuff is virtually impossible. Thinking about rolling back the old heatmap functionality if the situation doesn't change.