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Bert Temme

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Hi I've refunded both (will take 5-10 days) and put Naver/Daum on the roadmap to investigate for ArcBruTile Pro Korean edition  

no because of legal issues :-(

Hi, I just saw your message, will handle this after holidays (2 weeks)

Hi min-shui,

That doesn't look good! I think the installation went wrong somewhere. 

Some questions to diagnose:

- Did you try to reinstall it (maybe on other pc)?

- Whats the windows operating system you have? What's the version of ArcMap?



thanks for the pointer, very ugly cookie hack this is :-( I'll think about some alternative method

well there is lots of discussion going on (also with Strava) as more tools are impacted.  Implementing the new authentication stuff is virtually impossible. Thinking about rolling back the old heatmap functionality if the situation doesn't change.

Hi, yes I've seen it :-( All tile levels beyond 12 (so the more detailed levels) needs now authentication, the rest still works.

In order to fix this, authentication stuff needs to be added. I'll start working on this soon. 


Should be fixed in release 1.0.2 can you try? 

I see, others are affected too (for example apple maps). Shall investigate it.

yes I see... fixed now

fyi: both are fixed in 1.0.1

ok thanks I'll look into these (first one needs more investigation, second one is just a typo)

you can checkout release 1.0 including the new Strava heatmaps

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yes working on it, will be in next release :-)