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Thank you very much! Yeah sure ! You'll have of course repatch the MIDI channels according to your own instruments, but it should work nicely :)

What I can do: if you give me an email I can send you a MIDI file so you can try it out. Then if it works for you, you can then buy the pack and I'll send you all the MIDI files.  Let me know if interested :)

my email:

You can easily find me on twitter too.

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I released a music pack inspired by old school Lucasarts games. Some of the tracks are 100% free ! (available here on itch->

If you would rather compose the music by yourself in that style, here's a compilation of videos that you may find useful ->

 Cheers :)

Hello everyone !

Happy to announce here that my retro music pack is out here ! 

FULL pack ($19.99) includes 196 music files inspired by old classic Sierra&Lucasarts games, featuring Roland MT-32 and AdLib / Soundblaster MIDI type of sound. 

A FREE sample version is also available, featuring 8 different tracks (seamless loops) all available in multiple styles (the perfect fit for game jams or very small games) 

What a great idea anchorlight!  

Composer here !

In a couple of weeks, I'm about to release a complete OPL3 remastered version of DOOM's music.  So I could say that I would be totally in the mood right now for a retroFPS gamejam  XD

Style would be in good old FM synth :)

Feel free to reach out if interested!

As a huge fan of good old Lucasarts adventures games, I really enjoyed playing to this demo. It's a very funny, puzzles are not to hard (no moon logic here) and well thought. Plenty of good ideas, and lots of references (I see many influences here, from Monthy Python to Simon the Sorcerer and everything fits perfectly). I really look forward to play to the upcoming full version.