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Hey there!

I just released a free local multiplayer game! This game is all about trying to go home; you need to cooperate together to defend the rocket and to collect resources to build the rocket. Super small action game for two persons! I only have a windows downloadable .exe.

Best game i have seen so far! Amazing art and gameplay! This rather looks like a full game instead of a game jam game indeed! 5/5

Really nice game,

I like the way the controls are explained in this game and the duration of this game.

I like the concept and the art, but I didnt get the controls at first. After a while i got more used to it. Overall I think it's a good game, and it seems very 64x64 Authentic!

@Arcade Badger, thank you for your feedback! The game is intended to play multiplayer, but you can play it single player and help yourself with the platforms, like you did :D I agree with the speed thing, the game is a bit slow. I would love to see someone playing this game multiplayer, I think the real fun in this game is to harass and annoy other people.

@Adam Pajor, thank you for your feedback! I think your right about pacing and speeding stuff up. In next games I will try to pay more attention to things like this, to improve the overall gameplay.

Cool game! Mayby you can improve the readibility of the game looking at the outlines and contrast in general.

Cute game! I love the childisch art style!

Looks very nice!

Nice design indeed!

Cool game! I like the way how the animals run faster when you get close